How is the butt implant surgery performed

How is the butt implant surgery performed

19th May 2017

Those who want to make their buttocks look bigger and more rounded can opt for a buttock implant surgery. With this kind of surgery, the buttocks are augmented through the use of solid silicone gel implants. The implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can also be positioned under the fascia, under the muscles, or in the muscles.

Before anyone decides to go for this surgery, an initial consultation with the surgeon must be made. This is to make sure the patient truly understands the procedure along with the risks and benefits. The initial consultation also helps make sure the patient has realistic expectations about the butt implant surgery. Consultations with surgeons will also help determine what kind of butt implant is to be used. Here, the size, shape and even the position of the implants is decided upon.

Once decisions about the surgery have been finalized and details are clear, the patient will be scheduled for the surgery. In the meantime, the patient should prepare well for the surgery. Initial preparation includes physical, emotional, and even mental preparation. The patient should also prepare all the things needed for the recovery, as well as make small changes to the layout of their home to make it easier to move around and reach for what is needed. This is also the time to make arrangements as to who is going to help and assist during recovery. The patient should understand that after the surgery, they will not be able to do their usual daily activities because they are still healing. If a patient pushes his or her body into doing regular daily activities, it is possible for complications to develop.

On the day of the surgery, the patient will be admitted to the hospital or health facility. An IV line will be inserted, and the nurse will prepare the patient for surgery. Most of the time, general anesthesia will be used because butt implant surgery is a major procedure and shouldn’t be rushed. Once the anesthesia takes effect and the patient is already asleep, an incision will be made on the buttocks. The implants will be inserted in the position decided upon. Afterward, the incision will be closed.

After the surgery, the patient still needs to heal properly to see the results clearly. Swelling of the buttocks is to be expected, and the implants may seem to sit too high. The swelling will gradually subside, and the implants will also fall into their proper place.

It is possible that the patient will be required to stay in the hospital or medical facility for a day or two to properly monitor their recovery. Once the patient is released from the hospital, they will be responsible for taking care of their body and healing from the surgery. They will still need to meet up with the surgeon to check up on their recovery and to make sure complications are not starting to develop.

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