How large will my bum become after the butt implants surgery

How large will my bum become after the butt implants surgery

06th Mar 2020



Having bigger bums is one of the modern trends among women. Bigger bums enhance your femininity and make you look sexy and fertile. The size of the bum also determines your body outline and anatomy. Smaller buttocks are undesirable because they make you look less feminine. The butt implants surgery is recommended for those people who are not happy with their smaller butts and want to get large and voluptuous rear ends. 

The buttock implants are prosthetic objects that are inserted and placed into the buttocks through an incision in the crease between the two butt cheeks. Buttock implants come in different size options. Many people who want to get the butt implants wonder as to how large the bum will become after butt augmentation with implants. Below, I have answered this question in detail.


The butt size after the surgery depends on the implant size

It is normal for you to be curious about the size of your buttocks after butt augmentation with implants. Almost all patients who come for the butt augmentation consultation ask this question. Many people even assume that there is a standard size that all patients achieve with butt implants surgery. Then some people want to achieve buttocks similar in size and shape to the butts of specific celebrities that they are inspired.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that there is not a standard size that every patient can achieve with the butt implants surgery. How large the buttocks will become after the intervention depends on many factors that I would explain in this article. Furthermore, you cannot necessarily get butts similar in size and shape to that of certain celebrities. 

The primary element that will determine the size of your buttock after the butt augmentation with implants is the size of the implant. The gluteal implants come in various sizes. There is not a standard butt implant size that can fit all patients. The butt implants are also available in different styles. The style of the implant also determines how large and shapelier your butts will be after the procedure. The most commonly used butt implant is style 3 implants. It is a non-directional, round implant that is placed in conventional planes of insertion, such as under or within the gluteal muscle. 

The style 3 butt implant is also available in different sizes. This type of implant effectively increases the butt size and makes it projected. It is also known for the upper pole fullness that it provides. On the other hand, style 1 and 2 gluteal implants are directional implants that required to be placed into the butts in a specific direction. They have different dimensions on all sides. When these implants are put into the butts sub-facially, it can deliver better results. However, these implant types entail a higher risk of implant displacement and rotation. 

As mentioned above, all types of butt implants are available in different sizes. And it is the size of the implant that determines the size of the bum after the gluteal implants surgery. The butt implant size generally ranges from 200 to 800cc. The good news is that you can even order an implant with a custom size based on your needs and requirements. Most patients get implant sizes of 350 to 570cc. 

Now, many people think that it is always good to get the largest butt implant available. This is one of the common mistakes that many women do. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. We all have different body types. We have different height, weight, BMI, and overall aesthetic features. The size of the buttock implant must accentuate these physical variables for you to get butts that are large as well as accentuate your body outline, look natural, and are aesthetically appealing. 


Achieving a balance between the butt size and associated features

As stated above, it is not always best for all patients to get the largest implant available. The size of butt implants best for you depend on various factors, including your butt dimensions, aesthetic goals, height, weight, body outline, and other critical physical features. The purpose of the butt augmentation with implants is not only to make the butts large and sexy but also to achieve a balance between the size of your booty and your overall body outline.

As human beings, our body outlines and anatomy are different. What this means is that if one person has achieved specific improvements in the derriere after getting buttock implants, it doesn’t mean you too will also achieve the same improvements. The butt implants surgery is done by taking a holistic view of your body and making a calculated decision about the implant size. 

Moreover, the buttock dimensions are not consistent across all people. The buttock of each person has different aspects, which is why one size of the implant is not always suitable for every person. The size of butt implant best for you is one that fits appropriately into your existing buttock dimensions. Only then your butts will appear normal and natural even after the butt implants procedure. In case, an implant size that is too large for your butt dimensions is used, then your bum will become large but appear abnormal. In such a case, your buttocks will look unnatural and separate, weird objects. It will not look a part or extension of your body. 

Your goals also play a significant role in determining the size of the bum after the gluteal implants surgery. The goals differ from one person to another. For example, some people say they want to add some projection to their butts, whereas others want to get bigger or large buttocks. The plastic surgeon will also take your goals into account at the time of determining an implant size suitable for you. However, when setting your goal, you must keep in mind that there should be a balance between your body outline and physical features and the butts. Also, your butt dimension should accommodate the implant size that you opt to go with.

Furthermore, you must have realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals for the butt augmentation with implants. The buttock implants surgery can make your butts large, sensual, and aesthetically welcoming; however, you must not expect the procedure to transform you into a celebrity or make your butts or overall appearance similar to another person. You have a unique body, which makes you beautiful and the butt implants surgery simply enhances your buttocks so that you can look more attractive.


Collaborate with the surgeon to achieve your goals

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will measure your buttock dimensions, ask you about your goals, and consider your overall body outline and height and weight before telling you as to how large you can expect your butts to become after the butt implants surgery. However, no surgeon will give you a specific figure about your butt size after the procedure.

The plastic surgeon will recommend a butt implant size during the consultation session. The size of the implant will be based on the factors explained above. Some patients assert on getting the largest implants available. This is not a realistic approach because if the implant does fit your butt dimensions and accentuate your body outline, your bum will look unnatural and abnormal. 

The best way to get the butts of your dreams with the surgery is to work in collaboration with your plastic surgeon to select a suitable implant size. Keep in mind that plastic surgeons have extensive experience in choosing the implants and doing the surgery. They are aware of the ins and outs of the procedure, which is why they would recommend an implant size and type based on their experience with other patients. 

After choosing a suitable implant size, the plastic surgeon will tell you to prepare for the procedure. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The plastic surgeon will make an incision on your booty and then insert and place the implants into the bum through the incision. The size of the incision and the resulting scar depends on the size of the implant.  The plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions after the implants are placed in the desired position. 

The results of the intervention would not be immediately visible. It would take many weeks and even months for the improvements to become prominent. You have to go through a complete recovery process and follow the surgeon’s instructions to achieve your goals.



Buttock augmentation with implants is a popular and effective surgery that makes the butts large by putting artificial devices into the bum. Many women wonder as to how large their bums may become after the gluteal implants surgery. I have answered this question in detail in this article. To sum it up, the size of the butts after the intervention depends on many factors, such as your butt dimensions, goals, body outline, height, weight, and other physical features. 


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