How long after BBL can I have a revision done?

How long after BBL can I have a revision done?

01st Dec 2020


The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the US. This procedure effectively enhances the buttocks by adding projection and shape to them. Also known as fat transfer to the butt, the BBL involves removal of the excess fat from your body and injecting the fat into your butt. The good news is that the procedure delivers natural results and is relatively safer because it uses your body fat instead of foreign objects like implants to enhance your booty.

Many patients wonder as to whether they would need revision surgery after the procedure and how long after the BBL they can undergo a revision procedure. The answer to this question can differ from patient to patient and depends on whether your buttocks lose some of the injected fat, or you become dissatisfied with the results. 

How long to wait to have a BBL revision done

If you are not happy with the results of the BBL and want to have revision surgery done, then you should keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules that determine how soon you can undergo a BBL revision surgery. Generally, patients wanting to have a revision surgery are asked to wait at least six months after the first surgery. In some cases, patients can undergo a revision surgery three months after the BBL.

The reason why patients are advised to wait for a few months is that the fat cells that have survived after being injected into the buttocks need to be stable and nurtured before you can go for a second operation. Furthermore, you have to wait a few months to see the results. Your body takes time to vascularize the fat cells, and the fat cells are delicate when injected into the buttocks. They need time to strengthen, nurture, and show the results. The swelling and inflammation also require some time to resolve and deliver the outcomes. 

To understand whether you need revision surgery after the BBL and how soon after you can get a revision surgery, you need to understand what the BBL involves.

What is the BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift is recommended for patients who have buttocks that lack projection and shape. If your buttocks are flatter or smaller and you want to get projection and shapelier buttocks that also look natural, you may consider undergoing the BBL. However, to be a good candidate, you need to have excess fat in different areas of the body that can be removed and then transferred to your buttocks. The plastic surgeon will examine your body and determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation.

During the surgery (which is an outpatient procedure), the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the fat donor sites in your body. The common fat donor areas include the abdomen, sides, flanks, upper back, and thighs. During liposuction, tiny incisions are placed on the fat donor areas, and then a hollow tube called a cannula is inserted into the target area through the incisions. The cannula is moved back and forth to release the excess fat from the area. A suction pump is then used to remove the fat. The incisions are then sutured and closed.

After the required amount of fat is collected for transfer to the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will use a special needle to inject the fat into your buttocks. This step is time-consuming and involves a lot of work. The surgeon will use his sense of aesthetics, artistry, and surgical skills to sculpt the buttocks. 

The results of the BBL do not immediately emerge after the surgery. It can take at least two weeks for your body to establish a blood supply to the fat grafts in your buttocks. Furthermore, it will take many weeks and even months for the fat grafts to expand, nurture, and deliver the desired improvements.

Getting a revision after BBL

If your plastic surgeon is board-certified and experienced in BBL, chances are you will be happy with the results and would not need revision surgery. However, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results no matter how experienced and qualified your plastic surgeon is. Many patients feel the need for revision surgery after the BBL, but you will have to wait for at least six months to get a revision surgery done.

Now, why in the first place do patients require a revision surgery? Well, there are different reasons as to why you may need a revision procedure. The most common of those reasons are:

–    Fat absorption by your body

–    Poorly done surgery

–    You want to get more projection

–    Massive weight loss has shrunk the buttocks

One of the downsides of the BBL is that the fat injected into your buttocks is subject to absorption by your body. Your body may reabsorb about 25% of the fat injected into your buttocks during the BBL. To prevent shrinkage of the buttocks due to the loss of this amount of fat, many surgeons inject 25% more than the required amount of fat into the booty. However, not all surgeons do this, and even if it is done, your body may absorb more than 25% of fat from your buttocks. 

If your buttocks have shrunk because of the absorption of fat by your body, you may need a revision surgery done. However, you must wait at least six months after the BBL to get revision surgery. Some patients can get the revision surgery three months after the procedure. Consult with your plastic surgeon to get a definite time frame that you have to wait for. 

Secondly, BBL procedures that have been done poorly increase the risk of shrinkage of the buttocks. Fat extraction, fat processing, and fat grafting are the most crucial steps in the surgery. If these steps are not implemented correctly, your buttocks may shrink because the fat cells may not survive after the surgery. As such, you would need revision surgery at least six months after the BBL. 

Some people realize after the surgery that the extent to which their buttocks have been projected is not sufficient. They want to add more projection to their buttocks. For example, you may not be sure as to how projected your buttocks will be after the BBL. After the surgery, you may see that the buttocks have not become as projected as you desire them to be. To enhance your buttocks further, you will have to undergo revision surgery.

The fat injected into your buttocks during the BBL will behave in the same way as the fat in any other area of your body. What this means is that the fat may shrink due to massive weight loss, just like the fat in other areas of your body. Massive weight loss leads to shrinkage or even liquefaction of the fat in the buttocks. As a result, the projection achieved with the BBL will be lost. You will have to undergo revision surgery if you want to get back projected and shapelier buttocks. 

How is the revision surgery done?

The goal of revision surgery is to add more projection to your buttocks by using your body fat for the reasons explained above. The operation is done in the same way as the BBL; however, in most cases, no high volume fat removal from your body and transfer to your buttocks is done. It also means that you need to have excess fat in your body to qualify for revision surgery.

The revision surgery is also done under local anesthesia with IV sedation. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will use liposuction to extract the excess fat from different areas of your body. He will then process the fat in a centrifuge to remove the impurities and dead and damaged fat cells. In the last step, the surgeon will carefully pick the fat cells with a special needle and then inject them into the buttocks.

Keep in mind that recovery after revision surgery will be the same as the BBL. Also, the results will take many weeks and months to transpire. You will have to be patient and wait to see the results. Once the results emerge, your buttocks will appear shapelier and projected. 


The Brazilian butt lift is a major and effective plastic surgery procedure that is used to add projection to the buttocks. Many patients may need revision surgery after the BBL. The reasons as to why you may need a revision done have been explained above. I have also described as to how long after the BBL you can undergo revision surgery.

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