How long after brazilian butt lift can i return to my normal activities?

How long after brazilian butt lift can i return to my normal activities?

03rd Dec 2018

One of the common questions many patients ask is how long after the Brazilian butt lift before they can return to their routine life. The recovery period is a major phase in achieving the desired aesthetic outcomes after the Brazilian butt lift. The plastic surgeon will provide u detailed instructions on how best you can recover and how long it will take for you to recover and resume your normal activities fully.

Remember, the recovery period is crucial to your health and aesthetic goals. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions religiously. If you have been prescribed any medicines, take them on time and according to the instructions. Avoid activities your surgeon has told you to avoid.

Life after the Brazilian butt lift

Your recovery starts immediately after the operation. After the procedure, you will be shifted to a recovery area where your health will be monitored. If your surgery has been performed under general anesthesia, you may wake up to see drains placed on the fat donor sites. The common fat donor areas include the abdomen, sides, flanks, and thighs. Liposuction is performed on these areas to collect fat for transfer to your buttocks. This leaves the areas bruised and inflamed.

If your health remains stable, you will be allowed to go home a few hours after the procedure. The drain cannulas will remain with you for a few days. They are meant to drain away any bloodstained fluids discharged by your body. Before going home from the surgical facility, you will be told to wear compression garments. These special garments are meant to keep your new contour intact and reduce the swelling besides protecting you from complications.

You may experience some degree of pain and discomfort for the first few days. Your body will be bruised and you may feel exhausted. The pain and discomfort can be effectively treated with pain relief medications. Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to protect you from potential infections. Make sure to take those medications on time and according to the instructions of the doctor.

If the swelling expands beyond the surgical area and/or if the pain becomes unbearable, make sure to contact your doctor. The intensity of the discomfort also depends on your tolerance level. Some patients don’t feel any pain at all. You should get up and take short and slow walks every 4-5 hours. This will prevent blood clotting and constipation. Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for a smooth, safer, and quick recovery after the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

The first two weeks

The primary recovery after the Brazilian butt lift occurs during the first two weeks following the surgery. During this period, you may experience pain and discomfort in the butt when engaging in physical activities like walking. You should be very careful during this period because there is a risk the incision on the fat donor areas may open up, causing bleeding and other complications.

Physical activities like running, bending, stretching, weight lifting, jumping, etc. are dangerous during the first two weeks after BBL. These activities can affect the incisions in negative ways. Moreover, be sure to avoid applying pressure to your butt and the fat donor sites during the first two weeks after the Brazilian butt lift.

Make sure to avoid sitting and sleeping on your backside because it can damage the fat cells transferred to your butt. The fat cells need at least 2-3 weeks to be vascularized by your body. Sitting or applying pressure to the butt can cause the fat cells to die, which can affect the achieved aesthetic results. Instead, you should sleep and rest on your side or abdomen.

It is important for the patient to take sufficient rest during this period; however, be sure to take short and slow walks every few hours. The swelling will gradually subside in the first two weeks after surgery, but it will remain there for several weeks to come. Make sure to take any prescribed medication on time and according to the instructions. You may resume work after two weeks with the approval of your doctor.

The next three weeks

By the third week after the surgery, you will notice that your buttocks are feeling better and the aesthetic improvements are gradually transpiring. However, you should still avoid direct pressure to the butt for the first six weeks following the operation. You may sit and sleep on your back; however, you should avoid sitting for a prolonged period. When sitting, be sure to place a soft cushion under your butt and a rolled towel under you hamstring muscle.

Normally, most surgeons recommend wearing the compression garments for 5-6 weeks following the Brazilian butt lift. Make sure to wear the garments for the time period recommended by your doctor. By the sixth week, most of the swelling will wear off and your body will recover from the surgical trauma. However, the results will not yet be completely noticeable. It will take several months for the final results to show.

When it comes to driving, you may resume three weeks after the surgery. However, make sure to place a soft cushion under your butt. After the passage of six weeks, you may resume your normal activities. You can gradually resume exercises and physical activities.


Like all other major surgeries, you will be required to go through a full recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift. What you can expect during the recovery period and when you should resume your normal activities has been discussed above. You should discuss the recovery period with your plastic surgeon in detail. Make sure to ask your surgeon what to expect, what to do, and what to avoid during each phase in the recovery period after the procedure.

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