How long before i see the results after the brazilian butt lift?

How long before i see the results after the brazilian butt lift?

29th Jul 2017

Many women prefer the Brazilian butt lift procedure because of the faux natural augmentation to their buttocks, and because the procedure doesn’t require large incisions. The procedure is done in two steps. The first step involves the liposuction procedure, which targets the excess fat in various areas of the body. In the next step, the fat will be reinserted into the patient’s buttocks from various sites to augment and reshape the buttocks.

The procedure lasts for a couple of hours and some surgeons even discharge the patient right after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, patients should understand the extent of the augmentation afforded by the procedure. Patients should have a realistic expectation regarding the potential results in order to avoid any disappointment.

The Brazilian butt lift augments and improves the shape and the size of the buttocks with the added benefit that it appears more natural than when buttock implants are utilized. The results, while visible immediately after the procedure, may be accompanied by a lot of swelling and bruising. The results will realize their full potential as the patient recovers and heals from the procedure.

Some patients may think that their buttocks look too big after the procedure due to the presence of swelling. The swelling should gradually dissipate over the course of four weeks or longer. Patients should also understand that not all the fat cells injected in the buttocks will survive as some fat cells will be reabsorbed by the body.

Patients should make avoid sitting down for an extended period of time for the first few weeks after the surgery in order to prevent trauma and damage to the injected fat cells. Damaged fat cells will be reabsorbed, thus negating the purpose of the procedure. The fat cells should be given enough time to build a connection to the circulation to avoid being easily damaged at the merest application of pressure.

The amount of fat cells that survive will vary depending on how well a patient takes care of their body. Patients should know how to take care of their body to maximize surgery’s results. They need to properly nourish and hydrate the body to give the fat cells the necessary nutrients to survive.

Some patients complain about the results of their Brazilian butt lift procedure and blame any unsatisfactory results on the surgeon. It is never entirely the fault of the surgeon, because the patient’s treatment of their own body after the surgery greatly affects the procedure’s outcome. Patients should work in conjunction with surgeons to ensure that they achieve the desired augmentation.


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