How long do the results last after a brazilian butt lift?

How long do the results last after a brazilian butt lift?

24th Mar 2018

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular way to augment the buttocks. It is a procedure that involves the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the derrière. In order to achieve desirable results, patients should strictly follow the post-operative instructions given by their surgeons.

The outcome of the Brazilian butt lift is permanent, and will depend on the surgeon’s skills and how well the patients take care of themselves during the recovery process. If the operation was skillfully done and the patients carefully followed the recommendations of their plastic surgeons, they can expect the favorable results to last even if they lose weight. If the patient sheds a few pounds, the whole body will lose some of its fat deposits. Fortunately, this does not reverse the results of the surgery. For some, it may even make the patient’s figure more alluring.

It is also possible to undergo another session of the Brazilian butt lift surgery if you feel like the first procedure was inadequate. You just have to make sure that you meet the requirements and allow your body to heal for a minimum of 6 months before going through the corrective procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a surgical method that can help you have a more attractive butt. A successful Brazilian butt lift requires only minimal incisions. Moreover, it is loved by many because of it is highly safe and produces natural looking buttocks despite its enhanced size and shape.

This procedure involves the use of a cannula, which helps remove the excess fat from different areas of the body, such as the abdomen. After going through a purification process, the fat will be injected into the buttocks to achieve a fuller shape and a larger size. After the swelling has completely subsided, you can now see the final results of the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Care After The Surgery

Knowing how to take care of the buttocks after the Brazilian butt lift surgery is vital in ensuring that the results you get are positive and lasting. Many patients who find themselves unsatisfied with the outcome of their operation believe that their surgeons are to blame. This may be true for those who consulted and hired unlicensed or inexperienced physicians, but it is also often due to the patient’s negligence or failure to care for their buttocks after the surgery.

Your recuperation plays a big role in achieving the outcome that you want. By strictly following your plastic surgeon’s instructions and recommendations on the subject of your post-operative care, you can guarantee impressive results. Most surgeons will advise you to avoid exerting pressure on the buttocks, particularly soon after the operation. This means that you should not sit or sleep on your back for the first few weeks following the procedure.

The reason for this is that putting pressure on the newly grafted fat cells can damage their delicate membranes and prompt the body to reabsorb them. This, in turn, will offset the changes acquired through the Brazilian butt lift. Although it is expected that some of the fat cells will not be able to survive the transfer, it is still prudent to avoid exerting pressure on the buttocks in order to increase the chances of the fat cells surviving.

The Permanent Results

The Brazilian butt lift is meant to produce permanent results. When you have successfully gone through the recovery process, wherein the fat cells re-establish a blood supply, the buttock augmentation becomes permanent. The fat cells that were transferred to the buttocks will act like other fat cells in the body as soon as they have a steady blood supply. This means that you can safely sit down or lie down without having to worry about killing the newly grafted fat cells.

If you happen to lose a lot of weight after the procedure, you can expect to lose fat in different parts of the body. This will give you a smaller frame, but your curves remain unchanged. The fat you lose in your buttocks should be proportional to the fat you lose in other areas and as such, your shape stays flattering and even better than your figure prior to the surgery.

Another way to make sure that you get lasting effects is to select a well-experienced surgeon. To ensure maximum survivability of the fat cells, choose a doctor who specializes in fat grafting or fat injection. With the proper plastic surgeon, you can be certain that only the most viable fat cells will be injected and that you will obtain impressive results even if a percentage of the grafted cells are destroyed.

Multiple Brazilian Butt Lift Sessions

In rare occasions, some women are still dissatisfied with the effects of the surgery, even if their buttocks have greatly improved. This can make them feel that they need to undergo another Brazilian butt lift session. Although it is possible to go through another one if you meet the requirements, it would still be best to have it done properly the first time, so that you would not have to undergo the process again.

Choosing the right surgeon for you is also essential in making the augmentation a success. Lastly, if you decide to repeat the Brazilian butt lift procedure, you must allow your body to heal for six months before the corrective surgery.


In order to give more volume to the buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift procedure can be performed. In this procedure, the fat from the abdomen and other parts of the body will be transferred to the buttocks to enhance their size and shape. The consequences of this procedure will depend on how the patient cares for her body after the surgery and how good her surgeons are.

The results of the Brazilian butt lift surgery are permanent. Even if you lose weight, the effect of the surgery will still be visible. Your buttocks, along with your whole body, will decrease in size as you lose weight. Despite this, the curves you attained through the surgery will remain even if you have a smaller figure. You will still look well proportioned and curvy even after losing a lot of weight.

For some people who are unsatisfied with their results, another Brazilian butt lift surgery can be done six months after the first surgery and only after the patients have passed the screening requirements.

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