How long do you have to sleep on your back after breast augmentation

18th Oct 2018

Breast augmentation surgery is a major operation. It involves cuts on your breasts and the placing of foreign objects called implants inside your breasts. The nerves, glandular tissue, skin, muscles, and blood vessels will be injured during the surgery. As a result of the surgical trauma, patients are required to go through a complete recovery process.

The primary recovery phase comprises of the first two weeks following the operation. During this period, you will be required to avoid sleeping on your front because your newly augmented breasts will be injured from the pressure. Instead, you will be encouraged to sleep on your back.
I always advise my patients to take sufficient rest for the first two weeks after the surgery. Your breasts will be sutured and closed after the procedure; however, sleeping on your front will apply undue pressure to your breasts that have just been operated upon. As a result of the pressure, the incisions may open up.

In case the incision opens, your breasts will be exposed to potential infections. The wound opening will also trigger bleeding that will further expose you to many complications. On top of that, your breasts will be more inflamed, bruised, and swollen. If the pressure is intense, it can even injure the already traumatized tissue, muscles, and skin. Sleeping on your front during the first two weeks may also trigger intense and prolonged pain and discomfort.

At the end of the first two weeks after the intervention, your body will complete a major part of the healing process, and most of the surgical trauma will subside. The incisions will heal and the scar formation will start. The tissues and muscle will repair and relax. Furthermore, any prolonged pain and discomfort after the operation will disappear in the first two weeks following the surgery.

After two weeks, you will feel better and your body will be relaxed. This means you are now ready to sleep on your front. However, you must still be careful initially because sudden pressure to the breasts can trigger complications. You should go about it slowly and carefully.

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