How long does it take to heal after breast reduction?

How long does it take to heal after breast reduction?

08th Feb 2021

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed mostly to help women increase their quality of life and get relief from daily physical and emotional discomforts. The excessive size of the breasts is caused by what we call in medical terms as breast hypertrophy or an overdevelopment of the mammary gland. This means that women with overly large breasts don’t usually have an excess of fat tissue but an excess of glandular tissue. 

What does this mean? It means that weight loss won’t have a terrible impact on the weight and volume of the breasts. Like in the case of weight fluctuations in general, the appearance of the breasts might be impacted by weight loss and might become saggy or change their shape; however, the volume of the breasts is rarely impacted by weight loss and the mammary gland won’t disappear. In other words, the only efficient method to reduce the size of the breasts is with the help of plastic surgery. 

Nowadays breast reduction surgery is gaining popularity in countries all over the world as women understand that there are health risks and discomforts associated with the excessive size of the breasts. Among the concern of patients interested in undergoing such a procedure is the recovery period. Many patients want to know: how long does it take to heal after breast reduction surgery?

A simple answer to the question would be approximately two weeks. However, more explanations are in order for patients to fully understand what is to be expected. You should know that the procedure can take up to two hours, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed and the technique used by the plastic surgeon. General anesthesia is often preferred for breast reduction surgery. Once the procedure is done, the patient is moved to recovery where she will spend the next few hours. Upon waking up from the effects of the general anesthesia, the patient is released from the hospital and free to return home.

The first few days after breast reduction surgery can be associated with a slightly more pronounced discomfort and even a certain level of pain. Most patients are able to control the pain and discomfort easily with the help of the pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon and by following his recommendations. A week after breast reduction surgery, most patients can resume their daily activities, but still need to be careful not to engage in physically demanding activities. Exercise and more intense physical activities can be resumed about four to six weeks after breast reduction surgery. However, it takes much longer for the surgical incisions to heal. The cicatrization process can take up to nine to twelve months after breast reduction surgery.

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