How long does it take to recover after a breast lift?

How long does it take to recover after a breast lift?

27th Jul 2017

The breast lift surgery is a popular solution for rectifying the sagging of breasts. The procedure surgically repairs the breasts in order to remove excess skin and tissues. It is also possible to change the location of the nipples and the areolae to further improve the appearance of the breasts. This surgery is invasive, and the recovery period for the patient will be long.

Surgeons will also provide detailed instructions regarding the recovery process. Different surgeons will have varying instructions, which should be followed by their patients. There will be follow-up consultations to monitor the patient’s healing progress.

The length of a patient’s recovery period from the breast lift surgery will vary. Patients should provide their body with proper nourishment if they want more efficient healing. Most patients take two weeks off from their desk job, but patients with a more physically active or demanding job may require a longer absence before they resume their daily activities.

Patients should follow the instructions of their surgeons. They have to make sure that the incision is clean and utilize sterile bandages or dressings. It is also very important to keep the incision dry, which is why taking a bath after the surgery is not permitted. As an alternative, a patient can take a sponge bath with someone to assist them.

It is normal for the breasts to have bruising and/or swelling after the surgery. This is the natural reaction of the body and the breasts will recover eventually. Some surgeons will require elastic bandages or a special bra to provide support to the breast during the healing process. The patient is advised to include more fluids and lessen the salt in their diet if the swelling persists beyond a reasonable amount of time.

During the recovery period, patients will naturally feel pain and discomfort as a result of the procedure. Although uncomfortable, patients are still advised to walk around to lessen the risk of developing blood clots. The surgeon will also prescribe some medication to lessen any pain, in addition to antibiotics for prevention of infections.

Potential patients should prepare for the recovery period. With advance preparation, patients can increase their level of comfort. Necessities should be bought prior to the procedure to avoid trips to the nearest store for the replenishment of supplies as much as possible. It’s recommended that the patient should have someone to help them through the recovery. This helps, not only physically, but also emotionally.


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