How long does pain last after butt implant surgery?

How long does pain last after butt implant surgery?

07th Apr 2021


Buttock implant surgery is an invasive procedure, and like all other invasive procedures, it entails pain. Patients who want to undergo buttock implant surgery are curious as to how long the pain will last and how severe it will be. This is one of the tough questions that most patients ask because how long the pain will continue differs from patient to patient, depending on your pain tolerance level. It is for this reason that plastic surgeons give imprecise answers to this question.

It is normal for the patient to experience pain in different areas of the body, especially the buttocks, after the surgery. Also, some patients do not feel any pain at all because of their high tolerance for pain. However, a majority of patients experience pain for the first two days following the procedure, while some patients feel prolonged pain. Usually, the pain eases and the patient start to feel better within the first 72 hours after the surgery. 

How long will the pain persist?

It is vital for the patient to know what causes the pain after buttock augmentation with implants and how soon they can expect the pain to go away. Furthermore, it is essential to understand as to why the plastic surgeon is not answering you clearly when you ask how long the pain after the surgery will persist. Despite all this, the best thing is that most patients experience pain for a shorter duration and can cope with it with painkillers. 

The good news is that the innovations made in surgical technologies and procedures have now led to a considerable reduction in the number of patients who experience prolonged and severe pain after buttock implant surgery. Over the last ten years, plastic surgery has seen many revolutionary advancements and improvements. These advancements have made recovery a smooth and comfortable process. However, this does not mean that you won’t feel any pain or discomforts at all.

Human beings are different creatures, meaning they differ from one another when it comes to various aspects of their lives. Likewise, they experience different levels and durations of pain after any surgery, including buttock augmentation with implants. We have different body makeup and genetic tendencies that go a long way toward determining the time for which we will experience pain after surgery. 

We have different pain tolerance levels, and how long you will experience pain after the surgery also depends on the experience and credentials of your plastic surgeon, the post-op care, the size of incisions made on the buttocks, etc. To understand how long the pain will last after the surgery, you should first understand as to what the operation involves. 

Buttock augmentation with implants and the pain after the surgery

Buttock augmentation with implants is used to increase the size of the buttocks, especially those of women. The buttocks play an essential role in shaping your self-esteem and quality of life. If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is causing self-esteem issues for you, you may consider getting butt implant surgery. To know whether you are a good candidate for the operation, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Butt implants are prosthetic objects made of semi-solid silicone material. They feature robust construction and are highly durable and long-lasting. In most cases, the results of the surgery are permanent. Buttock implant surgery is a major operation that involves incisions and insertion of external objects into the buttocks. This is why the patient experiences pain after the procedure. 

Furthermore, the persistence of the pain also depends on the size of the butt implant, because the implant size determines the size and shape of incisions required. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and know your goals during the consultation session before telling you as to what implant size is suitable for you.

During the operation, the plastic surgeon will create incisions on your buttocks. The surgeon will then insert the implants through those incisions and then place them under or within the gluteal muscle before suturing and closing the incisions. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which means the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort while under the effects of the anesthesia. However, once the effects of the anesthesia wear off, the patient will start to feel pain in the buttocks. The patient may experience pain in the incisions and muscles within the buttocks. 

Incision pain: When incisions are placed on the buttocks, it means that the skin is cut through. During this process, the skin tissue is damaged, and even the nerves and blood vessels may be injured. Furthermore, the implants are pushed into the buttocks through the incisions, causing pain. This type of pain is normal and will disappear after three days. However, if the pain becomes severe and prolongs, you must contact your plastic surgeon because it is a sign of complication like infection. 

Muscular pain: Since the gluteal implants are placed within or under the muscles, the surgeon will tamper with the muscles to make this possible. He will cut through the tissues to create pockets for the implants. As a result, you may experience muscular pain in the buttocks. It will take your body a few days to heal the muscles, and the pain will disappear once the muscles have fully healed. This type of pain can be managed easily with oral antibiotics. 

After the operation, many patients also feel pain in the neck, shoulder, and other body areas. This type of pain is also muscular and happens due to lying on the operating table for a more extended period. It is a mild pain in most cases and subsides within the first eight hours following the operation. 

Throat pain: It is also common for most patients to experience pain in the throat after the procedure. This pain results from the anesthesia and medicines administered during the operation. It is short-lived and disappears within the first 24 hours following the surgery. 

Body pain while moving around: The patient may also experience pain in localized areas of the body, mainly the buttocks when making movements or walking. This is incision or muscular pain that happens due to a strain on the incisions or the injured muscles. In most cases, this type of pain is like a pinch in the buttocks and is often severe. In most cases, this pain disappears 72 hours after the procedure. 

Managing the pain after buttock implant surgery

While buttock augmentation with implants stands out from the rest of plastic surgery procedures for being relatively more painful, most patients report experiencing no pain 48 hours after the surgery. In rare cases, the pain can take about five days to subside. After the first five days, the patient may experience intermittent pain when moving around. You can use pain relief medications to cope with this type of pain. 

You must keep in mind that the pain after butt implant surgery is a subjective topic. Some patients have realistic expectations and have acceptance and preparation for the pain after the surgery. They often experience lower pain level and can manage the pain with painkillers. On the other hand, some patients are not ready to cope with the pain. They often complain about prolonged and more pain after the surgery.

Keep in mind that butt implant surgery involves putting external objects under or within your buttock muscles through incisions. As such, it is normal for the patient to experience pain after the surgery. To ease the pain, you should avoid making significant movements during the first two weeks following the operation. Do not sit or sleep on your back during this period because it can make you feel more pain. 

In case the pain persists for a more extended period or becomes severe, you must contact your plastic surgeon so that any complication can be treated before it becomes life-threatening. Oral pain relief medications are the primary medicines recommended during the first few days after the surgery. It can help you effectively cope with the postoperative pain and discomforts. 


Pain after buttock implant surgery is normal. Different patients experience different levels of pain during the recovery period. Many patients ask as to how long the pain will last after the procedure. The answer to this question differs from patient to patient, depending on the factors explained above. However, most patients experience mild to moderate levels of pain during the first 48-72 hours after the surgery. You can efficiently manage the pain by using oral antibiotics. In any case, you should discuss the pain after surgery with your plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. 

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