How long to wait before scheduling revision surgery after breast augmentation

How long to wait before scheduling revision surgery after breast augmentation

01st Jul 2019


Breast augmentation is commonly performed in different areas of the world nowadays as it is the only safe and efficient method to increase the size and volume of the breasts considerably. The procedure should only be performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited facility. Otherwise, complications or unsatisfactory results can occur.

While the procedure can lead to spectacular results in many patients, there is still a risk to be unhappy with the results or to experience a complication that would deem revision surgery as necessary. Revision surgery is something that all patients should consider and even budget before undergoing the initial procedure. A responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that there is a risk to need more procedures in the future, sooner or later after the first procedure. For example, one reason for undergoing surgery later on is to replace implants after their warranty expires. However, there are other reasons why revision surgery might be needed.

Revision surgery can be recommended in case of achieving unsatisfactory results after breast implant surgery. The patient can find that the size or shape of the breasts is not the one she expected or that it is not possible to get used to the larger size of the breasts (in case the patient got a very large implant). Unsatisfactory results often occur when the patient didn’t explain in detail what she wanted to achieve or didn’t follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon in terms of type and volume of the implants. Revision surgery is the only alternative to correct the results achieved with the first procedure, but how long should one wait before scheduling revision surgery after breast augmentation?

Generally speaking, the recommendation is to wait at least six months before considering another procedure. But taking into consideration that in this case, the final results of the first surgery can become visible no sooner than nine to twelve months after the procedure, patients are advised to wait longer. Of course, if the patient struggles or has difficulties living a normal life after the first surgery maybe because of the excessive size of the implants chosen, the revision surgery can be performed even sooner than six months. Generally speaking, after three months we can remove and replace the implants with smaller ones in severe cases. However, keep in mind that undergoing surgery after surgery can really put a strain on your health and this is never a good idea. Surgical trauma affects the body and it needs time to heal and restore, so make sure you give it enough time before scheduling revision surgery. Moreover, make sure to consult with your plastic surgeon about the timing of the revision surgery as again, you will need to take time off work for the recovery period. 


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