How long to wear the support bra after breast reduction

How long to wear the support bra after breast reduction

25th Feb 2018

The mammary reduction procedure also known as breast reduction is a plastic surgery intervention performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The procedure offers comfort for patients confronted with back, neck, shoulder pain and respiratory problems, aside from the obvious aesthetic enhancement. Most women with overly large breasts find it difficult to find the right type of clothing and lingerie, especially bras that can support the volume of their breasts.

The breast reduction procedure can last up to three hours, depending on the amount of mammary tissue that needs to be removed and the particularities of each patient. The plastic surgeon will start by performing incisions to remove the excess mammary gland, then the nipple and areola complex is repositioned and the shape of the breasts is defined. The plastic surgeon can also use liposuction to remove the adipose tissue that is often in excess on the axilla or the back.

Hospitalization after breast reduction surgery is often no longer than 24 hours. After this time, the patient is allowed to go home and continue the recovery process. Five days after the procedure, the patient should take antibiotics as well as the pain medication to alleviate the discomfort that can naturally occur after surgery. An elastic bandage needs to be worn after the procedure as the breasts might be swollen and painful for the first few days post-op.

After a week or two from the surgery date, the patient will need to schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon who will assess the recovery process. The plastic surgeon will advise you to wear a special post-op bra for at least two or three months after the breast reduction procedure.

For the first weeks after the intervention, the special bra should be worn non-stop. This means that the patient can only take it off to take a shower and exchange it for a new, clean bra. The size and type of bra to be worn after breast reduction surgery is an important topic that should be discussed in detail with the plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

It is important for the bra to be of good quality and allow the skin to breathe to avoid dermatological conditions that can occur from wearing it non-stop. At the same time, the post-op bra should offer the breasts exactly the required amount of compression and support to accelerate the recovery process and allow for a speedy healing. Wearing the support bra is an important part of the recovery process. The bra has the purpose of reducing the swelling and facilitating healing by supporting and compressing the breasts.

Depending on how well the recovery process is going, the plastic surgeon will advise wearing the support bra only during the day for a few months or even more.

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