How Long Will Be Results of Hourglass Hip Last

18th Oct 2018

The hourglass hip procedure is a popular and effective way to achieve the most distinguished hourglass body, which features a slimmer waist, wider hips, fuller butt, and a curvaceous body. One of the common questions I hear from patients considering the hourglass hips procedure is, “how long will the results last?”
In order to understand the sustainability and dependence of the results, you must first understand what the procedure involves. The hourglass hip procedure uses your own body fat to widen your hips and augment your buttocks. The ideal candidates for this procedure are those who have narrow hips and smaller or flatter butts, besides having fat pockets in the abdomen.
During the surgery, the fat pockets will be removed from your abdomen, sides, and flanks via liposuction, which will result in a smaller waist. The fat removed from the body will then be purified and transferred to the hips and butt, resulting in wider hips and a fuller butt.
The sustainability of the results depends on two important factors: how the surgery has been performed and your weight after the intervention. In order to enjoy the results of the hourglass hip procedure on a permanent basis, you must be sure to have the surgery performed by a surgeon who is highly experienced in the procedure.
The surgeon must carefully perform each step of the surgery by using the most reliable techniques. The fat extraction should be done carefully so most fat cells are removed unharmed. If dead or damaged fat cells are transferred to the hips and butt, the result will not transpire.
Moreover, the fat processing should be done by abiding by the highest standards, so all the impurities, dead cells, fluids, and damaged cells are separated from the healthy fat cells. The fat grafting must be done very carefully so the fat cells are properly grafted into the intended place and are quickly vascularized. If these steps are not performed properly, the results will not last for long.
Secondly, after vascularization, the fat grafted in your hips and butt will behave just like the fat in other areas of your body. Weight loss after the surgery will result in shrinkage of your hips and butt. It is important that you should maintain a stable weight after the procedure so the results remain with you on a permanent basis. Make sure to stick to a balanced diet after the intervention.

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