How long will breast implants last?

How long will breast implants last?

13th Jan 2020

How long will breast implants last?


There is no doubt about the fact that breast augmentation delivered by a talented, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon is the only efficient method to increase the volume of the breasts in a safe and permanent way. The breast augmentation procedure can be performed either by means of the patient’s own fat tissue or using implants. Breast augmentation with implants is more popular nowadays and preferred by many patients as it is easier to control the volume of the breasts post-op and also their shape. The new generation of implants are very safe and have the FDA approval. 

Before getting breast implant surgery, many patients want to know how long the implants will last. This is a valid question and it is important to discuss these issues with the plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure. 

There are several reasons why implants might need to be removed and replaced. The first reason is that they are not devices meant to last a lifetime. It is true that when it comes to butt implants, they don’t need to be removed and replaced, but breast implants have a limited warranty. Technically speaking and depending on the manufacturer and other conditions, breast implants last between ten to fifteen years. After this time they are not covered by the warranty anymore, so there is a higher risk of rupture and leaking and patients should pay attention to any signs and symptoms that might occur after the guarantee expires.

So, a legit answer to the question of how long breast implants will last is ten to fifteen years. However, it is important to mention that this is not always the case. There are complications that can occur and determine the need to remove and replace the implants sooner. Among the complications associated with the use of breast implants are capsular contracture and the rupture of the implants. If a rupture occurs, the plastic surgeon will have to perform an additional procedure, remove the implants, and replace them with new ones. At the same time, if a severe case of capsular contracture occurs, the solution might be the same – the removal of the implants. As you can see, it is not necessarily a matter of how long the implants last but also what complications can occur that would determine the need to remove and replace them.

Keep in mind that if you decide just to remove the implants and not replace them with new ones, you might need to undergo a breast lift as the stretched tissues on the breasts might become saggy after the explantation. Make sure to discuss all these details with the plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon would ensure that you get the best quality implants that are available on the market today and also priceless advice during the process of getting bigger breasts. 

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