How long will it take for breast implants to settle after surgery?

How long will it take for breast implants to settle after surgery?

14th Feb 2018

Breast implants are artificial objects that are used to augment smaller breasts. If your breasts are smaller or poorly shaped and the condition is affecting your self-esteem and quality of life, you may consider the breast implant procedure. There are two types of breast implants: silicone implants and saline implants. Which of these two is best for you depends on your aesthetic goals and the specific aesthetic flaws in your breasts.

Many patients are curious as to how long will it take the breast implants to settle after surgery. To understand the answer, you need to know what the surgery involves. Breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon makes incisions on the breasts and then inserts the implants through the incisions. The implants are then placed under or over the pectoral muscles. The surgeon then sutures and closes the incisions.

Once placed into the breasts, the implants do not immediately deliver the final results and improvements. The final results will be gradually visible after the implants have settled or dropped into their final place and position and the post-operative swelling has subsided. Most breast implants have a good history of settling. Generally, breast implants settle within the first three months after surgery. In most cases, the implants settle within the first month following the operation. If your breast implants fail to settle in three months, you may contact your plastic surgeon to know the reason.

When the breast implants are placed over the pectoral muscle, it normally settles more quickly compared to implants placed under the pectoral muscle. Also, the type and shape of the breast implant can affect the time required for settlement. Round implants tend to settle more quickly than teardrop implants. There have been some cases where teardrop implants do not settle properly.

The primary reason why an implant may fail to settle relates to the size of the implant. If the breast implant is too large for your chest dimensions, it may cause implant settlement failure. It is therefore advised that patients should make sure their breast implants are suitably sized for their chest dimensions. It is important for patients to work in collaboration with their plastic surgeons to select the correct implant size, type, and shape.

If the implant fails to settle, it would be necessary for the patient to undergo revision surgery. Also, some surgeons recommend certain medications to their patients for breast implant settlement. The medicines relax the underlying muscles and tissues, which help the implants fall into the intended place and position. Certain massage therapies can also expedite the implant settling process.

On the other hand, when the implants settle after some weeks or months, the final results will evolve. The breasts will become bigger, shapelier, and aesthetically appealing. These improvements will ultimately boost your self-esteem and quality of life.

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