How long will it take for the final results to appear after breast reduction?

How long will it take for the final results to appear after breast reduction?

03rd Feb 2018

Every year, thousands of women undergo breast reduction surgery in the United States. The surgery is effective when it comes decreasing the size of overly developed breasts. Certain factors can cause the breasts to enlarge and look unwelcoming. These include weight gain, genetics, and hormonal changes. When the breasts become overly large, they not only create physical pain for you but also trigger emotional problems.

Breast reduction surgery reduces breast size by removing the surplus fat, tissue, and skin. As a result, the breasts become suitably sized and the physical discomforts ease. Many patients are curious as to when the breast reduction results appear after surgery. In this article, we will discuss this topic.

Breast reduction and the results to expect

Breast reduction is a major and invasive surgery. The procedure has a good record of delivering effective and reliable results. What results you should expect after the surgery should be discussed during the pre-operative consultation. The breasts are composed of fat, glandular tissue, muscles, and skin. The breasts become overly large when the fat and tissue enlarge beyond a certain threshold.

The procedure involves incisions. After making the incision, the doctor removes the excess fat and tissue from the breasts besides removing the extra skin and repositioning the nipples. The surgeon then sutures and closes the incisions. Many patients think breast reduction is a simple and non-invasive procedure and the results would entirely appear immediately after the surgery. However, the reality is otherwise.

After the surgery, you may see some improvement in your breasts; however, complete results of the surgery would not be visible right after the intervention. After the surgery, you will be required to go through a complete recovery process. Your breasts need to recuperate from the surgical trauma and heal for the results to become visible. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of your breasts to the desired degree and alleviate the associated pain and discomfort.

Almost 40 percent of your recovery will take place within the first 2-3 weeks. The incisions will start to heal, and about 40 percent of the post-operative swelling will subside within this time.

Furthermore, you will start to see and feel some of the results as your breasts heal and recuperate after the surgical trauma. Within the first 24-72 hours following the operation, you may experience some degree of pain and discomfort in your breasts. The pain will soon disappear. The doctor may prescribe medications to overcome the pain.

When will the results appear?

You will start seeing and feeling improvements in your breasts within the first two weeks of the surgery. The results emerge as the post-operative swelling subsides and the incisions heal.

Post-operative swelling is a natural and normal side effect of the surgery. It simply indicates that your body is recuperating from the surgical trauma. During the procedure, incisions are made and the doctor will meddle with your natural tissue composition and arrangement, besides injuring the nerves. As a result, swelling happens.

The swelling will take time to disappear completely. Within the first six weeks of the surgery, about 70 percent of the swelling will disappear. This will lead to the emergence of an equal percentage of the results. What this means is that about 70 percent of the results of breast reduction will emerge when 70 percent of the swelling is gone and the incisions have healed.

However, for the final results to be visible, you need to wait at least two months after the procedure. Normally, after two months, the breasts will get to their final shape and size. They will be reduced in size and look aesthetically welcoming. Furthermore, the pain associated with overly developed breasts will disappear or decrease considerably. As a result of these improvements, the results will emerge.

It is also important to keep in mind that how soon the results will be visible depends on the patient’s healing pattern and care during the recovery period. Every person heals differently, and there is no definite period in which the results of breast reduction can emerge. For some patients, the results may emerge quickly than others. For example, one patient may achieve the results within the first 2-3 months following the surgery, whereas another patient may take five months to achieve the results.

When the final results emerge, you will get a boost of self-esteem and experience improvements in different aspects of your life. Your self-confidence will be restored and the physical pain will subside. These improvements will enhance your overall quality of life. You can then become socially and physically active with confidence. For example, you can go topless on the beach without worrying about your breasts. Also, you may experience improvements in your professional life. The boost in self-esteem can improve your productivity and confidence at work, which can help you do better and achieve your professional goals.

How to achieve the results quickly and completely

So, you just went under the knife and reduced your breast size. You just can’t wait to see and feel the aesthetic and physical improvements brought about by breast reduction surgery. As explained above, the results of breast reduction do not emerge completely right after the surgery. It takes time for the results to come to the fore, depending on a range of things.

The good news, however, is that you can do certain things to speed up the recovery process and thereby achieve the results relatively quickly. To start with, you should take enough rest after the surgery. You must avoid work for two weeks following the operation and instead spend most of your time resting in bed. Doing so will allow your breasts enough time to heal and for the results to emerge fairly quickly. If you don’t take rest, your body will take more time to heal, which means it would take the results more time to be noticeable.

Secondly, it is critical for the patient to follow the surgeon’s instruction to the letter. Some patients ignore the plastic surgeon’s instructions and advice and end up botching the results. Keep in mind that plastic surgeons are experienced and they know what it takes to help you achieve the results fast. If you were given prescription medicines, be sure to take them according to the doctor’s instructions. If you have been told to avoid certain activities or postures, you must follow the instructions.

One of the most important factors that speed up the healing process is the use of surgical bras. Almost all breast reduction patients are required to avoid their regular bras for at least six weeks after the surgery. Surgical bras are designed to speed up the healing process, reduce the swelling, and keep your newly contoured breasts intact until they heal. The surgical bra can effectively quicken the process of achieving the results of breast reduction.

Physical activities during the recovery process are detrimental to achieving the results of breast reduction. When you make physical movements during the first two weeks after the surgery, it will put a strain on the incisions and trigger wound dehiscence, bleeding, and infection, which will in turn slow down the healing process. Also, do not sleep on your front for two weeks following the operation. For six weeks after the surgery, you must avoid physically demanding activities like workouts, weight lifting, running the household chores, jogging, jumping, etc. These activities tend to slow down the healing process and cause the results to delay.

Furthermore, exposing the breasts to direct sunlight or other forms of heat in the first six months can delay the emergence of the final results. It can also trigger the development of abnormal and unwelcoming scars that can hamper the results and make your breasts look poorly contoured. You must avoid going topless in the sun for six months after the surgery.


Breast reduction is a major plastic surgery intervention that can reduce the size of extremely large or huge breasts. Huge breasts look aesthetically bad and lead to physical pain. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery removes the problems associated with huge breasts. It does so by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. The results of the surgery will emerge slowly after the procedure. The final results will become visible when the post-operative swelling has fully disappeared and the incisions have healed. This can take many weeks and even months to happen. You must wait with patience to see the outcomes of the surgery.

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