How long will the results last after buttock augmentation with implants

How long will the results last after buttock augmentation with implants

02nd May 2017

How long will the results last after buttock augmentation with implants?


Buttock augmentation with implants is a very popular and fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Thousands of buttock implant surgeries are performed in the US every year and the figures are steadily increasing. The procedure delivers efficacious and sustainable results to women who have smaller or flatter buttocks. Since bigger buttocks are important elements in today’s barometer of the modern beauty, a larger number of women desire to add more volume and projection to their rear ends. The buttock implants make this possible.

The buttock implant procedure involves the use of semi-solid silicone devices to make the derriere appear fuller and shapelier. The implants are inserted inside the buttocks through small incisions. The procedure is performed in a fully equipped surgical facility under general anesthesia.

When it comes to the results of the procedure, you will get voluminous butts that would last for as long as there are no complications. While the buttock implants themselves are highly durable and permanent, the aesthetic outcomes achieved with the surgery may also witness some changes over time. Sustainability of the results also counts on how much the patient cares for her new buttocks.

How sustainable are the results?

Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are made of solid silicone, which means they are less prone to serious complications if the surgery has been performed properly. The permanence of buttock implant also implies that the results of the procedure will also be permanent; however, there are a number of factors that might affect the aesthetic improvements achieved with butt implants.

Factors like aging, gravity, massive weight fluctuation, prolonged illnesses and certain medications can take the toll on the results achieved with the buttock implants. Even though butt implants can provide you beautifully contoured and large butts, your buttocks may change in shape, size or contour as a result of these factors.

The good news is that women who have enhanced their rear ends with an implant will appear distinctively younger than their counterparts who didn’t get implants even in their old ages. Also, if the implants have been properly placed, the results would be even more impressive and sustainable.

If the butt implant surgery has been performed by an unskilled surgeon or unlicensed practitioner, chances are the results will not last. Complications would occur soon after, which would not only adversely affect the aesthetic outcomes, but also make it necessary to remove or replace the implants. Furthermore, if the implant size is bigger than the patient’s buttock dimensions, its life span will substantially decrease. Very large butt implants become thinner over time. Aging also has a similar effect on the butt implants. As the patient ages, the buttock tissue becomes thinner, and the buttocks may look irregular or lopsided.

Factors that can affect the results

Even though the results of buttock implants are deemed to be long lasting, there are a number of factors that can change the aesthetic results in future. There are also some rare complications associated with the surgery that may require implant removal or replacement down the road.

If buttock implants get infected, it will create health complications and change the aesthetic appearance of the butts. Moreover, fluids may collect in the surgical area after the procedure, which can also negatively affect the improvements achieved with the surgery.

Another factor that can affect the results of buttock implants is implant shift that can lead to asymmetrical butts. This complication is more likely to occur if the surgery was performed by an inexperienced doctor. The butts could become saggy and appear unnatural after the surgery. Capsular contracture is also another complication that can negatively affect the results of butt implants. When the capsule or scar tissue contracts, it squeezes the implant, making the butts appear asymmetrical and misshapen.

Proper aftercare is highly important for the sustainability of the results of buttock augmentation with implants. The first two months after getting butt implants is very crucial, so the patient must be extra careful during this period. Avoid any unnecessary or immense pressure on the butts during this recovery period, as it may lead to implant displacement or dislocation. This can have negative consequences on the results achieved with the procedure.

If the surgery has been performed by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, and if proper aftercare has been taken, you can expect the results to remain consistent for the first 20 years. After that, aging, weight changes and gravity will gradually affect the results. Be assured though that compared to your contemporaries who did not have the procedure, you will appear relatively younger, sexier and shapelier even in your golden years.

Skills, experience and artistry of the plastic surgeon

The skills, experience, sense of aesthetics and artistry of the plastic surgeon is very important when it comes to determining longevity of the results of your butt implants surgery. If your plastic surgeon scores high on these criteria, chances are the results will be impressively better and more sustainable.

A Board-Certified plastic surgeon understands your anatomy and needs after taking some measurements and making certain evaluations of your buttocks before the surgery. The implant size, shape and surgical techniques are then adapted accordingly, which contributes to the life of the aesthetic results of the buttock implants.

However, the chance for future general dissatisfaction with the buttock size and shape will remain no matter who performs the surgery. The patient may feel that either the buttocks are too small or too large or poorly shaped down the road. Again, factors like aging and gravity are to be held responsible here.


The results of buttock augmentation with implants can remain consistent for about two decades after getting the prosthetics. After that, the shape and size of the buttocks will witness gradual changes as a result of natural aging and gravity. There are other contributing factors that can lead to loss of the achieved aesthetic improvements even before twenty years, to wit: choosing the wrong size for implants, capsular contracture, implant displacement, infections, and seroma formation. In toto, it is also crucial that you must select only a Board-Certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery if you want the results of butt implants to last longer,.

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