How many sessions of fat transfer can i get?

How many sessions of fat transfer can i get?

15th Jun 2019


The appearance of the buttocks is a major concern for both men and women nowadays with the big booty trend present everywhere. If up until a few years ago plastic surgery was mostly associated with big, round breast implants, now we see a considerable increase in the number of patients desiring to undergo procedures on the buttocks. Plastic surgery offers different methods to improve or correct the aesthetics of the butt. Procedures such as butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction are commonly performed to help patients achieve the butt of their dreams. However, it is fat transfer procedures that receive more and more attention with each year, and for a good reason. Fat transfer to the butt is the plastic surgery procedure that can deliver an incredible improvement in the appearance of the rear end with minimal risks involved. The procedure is safe and associated with few potential complications when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

However, there are some aspects of fat transfer that should be discussed with the plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure. Before anything else, there is the matter of the amount of fat that can be transferred in one session. Patients need to understand that the results of butt augmentation with fat transfer are not as easy to control or estimate like in the case of using butt implants. After the fat is injected into the buttocks, for the next two months a certain amount of it will be reabsorbed by the body. This is a normal phenomenon and nothing to be worried about. However, the necessity to have a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon is once again emphasized as the results of the procedure are dependent on this. A talented, well-versed plastic surgeon will inject small amounts of fat in different areas of the buttocks and not too much fat in just one session. Generally speaking, we can achieve more spectacular results if we perform fat transfer in multiple sessions than what can be achieved with just one procedure. However, this does not mean that the results of the procedure are not sustainable and future procedures are required in the future.

If the patient wants to know how many sessions of fat transfer she can get, the answer is “it depends,” as it does depend on the aesthetic goals of the patient and also the anatomy. If we are talking about a patient with a predisposition to accumulate fat around the midline, then the plastic surgeon might recommend repeated procedures every few months until the patient achieves the desired augmentation. If the patient doesn’t have a lot of excess fat in other areas of the body and can’t gain weight, chances are only one or a maximum of two procedures can be performed. If you want a more considerable augmentation to be achieved with fat grafting, make sure to discuss this possibility with the plastic surgeon even from the initial consultation.

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