How much can be achieved with a bbl?

How much can be achieved with a bbl?

21st Dec 2019


Fat transfer to the buttocks is very much in demand nowadays. The procedure is safe and delivers a complete remodeling of the body via the redistribution of fat. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will conduct liposuction on the areas with an excess of fat, collect the surplus of fat, and treat it to eliminate the impurities and damaged fat cells and reinject the healthy fat cells into the buttocks. This is a 2-in-1 procedure as it allows for the sculpting of the silhouette on more levels than just the buttocks. So, if you were wondering how much can be achieved with a BBL, the first thing worth mentioning is that the benefits are multiple and not only on the rear end. 

After liposuction is performed to collect the fat needed for the remodeling of the buttocks, the patient will enjoy having a smaller waist and midline and an overall improved body appearance. This is a dream come true for many patients. By having a smaller waist and bigger, rounder buttocks, the physiognomy of the patient can be completely changed. This considerable improvement in the body is one of the reasons why the procedure is so popular nowadays. 

When weighing the pros and cons of undergoing the Brazilian butt lift, many patients wonder how much can be achieved with a BBL in terms of augmenting the buttocks. There are celebrities who have impressive buttocks with the help of this procedure, so patients can have rather unrealistic expectations regarding the increase in volume. 

We should mention that there is a maximum amount of fat that can be injected into the buttocks in one session, and this is about 1 liter per buttock. More than this is just not possible, and it decreases the chances of survival after the transfer. After the fat has been injected into the buttocks, a certain amount of it that can be up to 30% or more will be reabsorbed by the body in the first two to three months after the procedure. This means that the size of the buttocks will actually decrease a bit after the surgery and the patient should be aware of this. Otherwise, this can be quite disappointing. 

The celebrities that we all see and admire for their impressive buttocks have most certainly undergone repeated fat transfers to the buttocks to achieve that type of augmentation. The aim of the Brazilian butt lift is to create the perkiness effect and elevate the buttocks while also contouring the area and making it look more appealing. Generally speaking, patients shouldn’t expect an incredible augmentation to occur after just one session of the procedure. Keep in mind that while the procedure is not meant to increase the size of the buttocks as much as implants can, it can remodel the buttocks beautifully.  

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