How much does butt implants surgery cost

How much does butt implants surgery cost

17th May 2017

Butt implant surgery is used to improve the silhouette of the patient. It increases the size of the buttocks, and it even alters its shape and appearance to make it look curvier. This kind of cosmetic surgery is considered as an elective surgery. This is the reason why insurance companies won’t cover the cost of the procedure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a butt implant is $4,860. The total cost of the surgery will vary widely because it will include other fees such as the fee for using the operating room, the anesthesia, the room of the patient, and many others. The surgeon’s fee also varies widely. It can be affected by the surgeon’s experience and popularity, the type of procedure they perform, as well as the location where the surgery is performed.

The price range of the butt implant surgery is around $6,000 – $12,000, and some even charge more for it. If it is just a simple insertion of the implant inside each butt cheek, then you can expect the price to be lower. On the other hand, if the work required to be done is more extensive, then you can expect a higher price.

More work can be requested by the patient, or it can also be advised by the surgeon. This will depend on the results that a patient wants to get out of their surgery. In some patients, the insertion of the butt implants is not enough to achieve the results they want. It is possible they still need fat grafting on their back or other areas of the body. The fat will also be used to improve the shape of their buttocks in addition to the butt implants that are used.

When you want to undergo an implant surgery to improve the appearance of your buttocks, you should make sure you find a reliable and certified surgeon to do the procedure. The price should not only be your basis in working with a certain surgeon. You have to take a closer look at what the surgeon can offer as well as their price.

The cost of having butt implants is not cheap, and most of those who really want them save up just to be able to afford them. Deciding to go for them is a life-changing decision. While saving up for the procedure, you should take the time in thinking things through and deciding whether you really want them or not.

There are many patients who are happy with the results they get, while there are also those who are not. To lessen the risk of not being satisfied with the butt implant surgery and to help make sure you don’t undergo multiple surgeries just to achieve the butt size and shape of your dreams, you have to work openly with your surgeon. Communicate well with them and tell them exactly what you want. Ask questions and inquire some more if you are still not convinced with their answer.

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