How much fat can i have injected into the breasts?

How much fat can i have injected into the breasts?

12th Feb 2019

Breast augmentation via fat injection is a popular plastic surgery procedure that is used by hundreds of thousands of women each year to enhance their breasts. The procedure uses the patient’s own body fat to add projection and shape to the breasts. If your breasts are smaller or poorly contoured and the condition is affecting your quality of life, you may be a good candidate for the fat injection procedure. However, you must have excess fat in your body to be considered for the surgery.

Many patients considering fat injection surgery want to know the maximum volume of fat that can be injected into the breasts to achieve the desired results. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon how much fat in each breast would be enough to deliver the aesthetic improvements you are seeking. The volume of fat that can be injected into each breast depends on a number of factors, such as your aesthetic goals, specific aesthetic flaws, fat availability in your body, and the surgeon’s recommendations.

How much fat can be injected into the breasts?

There are many patients who assume that the amount of fat removed from the body will be equal to the amount of fat injected into the breasts. However, that is not the case. Fat transfer surgery involves some important steps. First off, the surgeon will remove the excess fat from different areas of your body through liposuction. The main fat donor sites include the abdomen, sides, and flanks.

After removing the fat from the body, the surgeon will treat it in a centrifuge to remove the impurities and dead, damaged fat cells. This is actually the step where the volume of total fat removed from the body decreases as the residuals are removed. It is basically the purification process and is the most important in the surgery. The fat cells are then grafted into the breasts with the help of a special needle.

It is important to note here that only a limited volume of fat can be removed from the body areas in one liposuction sitting for transfer to the breasts. When this threshold is passed and high volume liposuction is performed, it would result in a fluid imbalance in the patient’s body. Fluid imbalance can lead to a number of health problems. The plastic surgeon must be sure not to cross the limit. If more fat is required to deliver you the desired outcomes, you will be required to undergo multiple liposuction sessions.

When it comes to injecting fat in your breasts, there is a limit to that as well. While your aesthetic goals and the specific aesthetic problems would be taken into account, the average volume of fat that can be injected into each breast during a single fat transfer sitting ranges from 300cc to 400cc. This amount can be more or less, depending on your expectations and aesthetic goals.

How much fat can be injected into your breasts also depends on the space available in your breasts. For instance, patients with smaller breasts and tight skin would get less fat injection. The plastic surgeon must make sure to inject the ideal amount of fat in the breasts and no more than that. It should be ensured that the volume of fat injected in the breast is safe for the breast to handle. Injecting too much fat in the breast during a single session of the surgery can be risky.

During a single session of fat injection, your cup size will go up by ½ to a full cup maximum. If you want more volume, you need to go back to the surgeon for another fat injection session. For most patients, two sessions of fat injection are enough to deliver the desired results.

It is extremely important for the plastic surgeon to inject only the best quality, healthy, completely alive, and unimpaired fat cells into the breasts. Not doing so will ultimately result in poorly shaped breasts. The final results will be negatively affected. When the fat cells are injected into the breasts, it will take your body some time to establish a blood supply to the fat cells. After 2-3 weeks, the fat in your breasts would be vascularized. The fat would then behave in the same way as the fat in other areas of the body. Weight changes would affect the fat in the same way as it does the fat in other areas of the body.

Your aesthetic goals will also determine the volume of fat injection that can be injected into your breasts. If you want to go large, you would need more fat. On the other hand, if you want to get moderately sized breasts that are shapelier, you would not require high volume fat injection in your breasts. In this case, a single session of fat injection of 300cc in each breast would be enough to deliver you the desired outcomes.

Also, if you are getting a fat injection in your breasts to treat mild sagginess or asymmetry, you would not go between 200-300cc of fat in the affected breast or both breasts. Also, if you aim to achieve large breasts with fat transfer but you don’t have enough fat in your body areas, the surgeon may recommend you a combination of fat injections and breast implants.


Fat injection is a trendy procedure to enhance the breasts. The surgery involves removal of the excess fat from your body areas and injecting the fat in your breasts. The average volume of fat that is injected into the breasts of most patients ranges from 300-400cc. This volume can be more or less, depending on your aesthetic expectations, imperfections, the purpose of the intervention, and the doctor’s preferences.

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