How much is too much plastic surgery?

How much is too much plastic surgery?

26th Mar 2019

How much is too much plastic surgery?


There are patients who start undergoing plastic surgery in their early 20s as soon as it is legally possible for someone to improve the appearance of the body. Other patients discover or need plastic surgery only later on in life, usually after gravity, pregnancies, aging, and other factors have put their marks on the body.


Plastic surgery can be used to improve the appearance of body such as through breast and butt augmentation procedures. Plastic surgery can also be used to improve the contours of the body and for this, we have liposuction and even fat transfer that can be used for sculpting the body. Then we have the correction of excess skin and the procedures that can deliver this result: the tummy tuck, breast lift, and the other body lifting procedures.


As you can see, we can enhance or correct practically any part of the body with the help of plastic surgery. However, it is important to mention that improving the overall condition of the body doesn’t always happen in just one operating session.


It is true that nowadays more and more people undergo combined plastic surgery procedures to get superior results and to have a more significant improvement in the aesthetics of the body. Just think about the hourglass tummy tuck procedure or the Mommy Makeover package. More procedures are performed at the same time to correct different physical issues. This saves the patient time as she will have just one recovery process and hence just one time off from work and money as she will pay just once for the hospitalization and anesthesia, among other things.


But how about repeated procedures? There are some surgeries that are, by default, performed in succession. For example, fat transfer especially on the buttocks can be performed in a series. This means that a more significant augmentation can be achieved if the patient will undergo repeated procedures. This ensures that the procedure is performed in safe conditions as there is a limit to the fat that can be extracted in one session of liposuction and also increases the chances of the fat injected to survive in the new environment.


But how much is too much plastic surgery? Aside from fat transfer or liposuction that can be performed in multiple sessions, there are few other procedures that would require repeated procedures. There are women who have six or more procedures on the breasts during their lifetime. This is not the standard. Generally speaking, the procedure should be repeated only if unsatisfactory results have been achieved or if a complication occurs.


Undergoing more than two procedures on the same area within a short period of time with the aim to enhance it or even more can turn out to have the exact opposite effect, and we have seen plenty of botched plastic surgeries lately.

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