How often is butt augmentation performed?

How often is butt augmentation performed?

25th Oct 2021

Butt augmentation is often performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure has seen a considerable rise in demand in the last few years, and data shows that butt augmentation is among the top ten most performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States. This means that every year, there are thousands and thousands of people undergoing the procedure all over the world. Butt implants are very different from breast implants, and they are not associated with the same type of complications as their structure is different.

When thinking about getting a bigger butt with the help of plastic surgery, you should know that butt implant surgery is a pretty straightforward procedure, but it still needs to be performed by an experienced and talented plastic surgeon who plays out the procedure routinely. Otherwise, the chances for complications to occur are increased, and it can also happen for the patient to achieve unsatisfactory results.

Butt augmentation can also be performed with the patient’s own fat tissue, not only by means of implants. The Brazilian butt lift adds fat to the buttocks to achieve a slight augmentation and a beautiful, perky contour of the rear end. Lipofilling of the buttocks has numerous advantages, such as the fact that it also sculpts the area from where the fat is collected, leaving it slimmer. This is a good thing for patients confronted with excess fat in different areas of the body where liposuction can be performed. 

However, while fat transfer is also a butt augmentation procedure and also popular, it doesn’t deliver similar results with butt implants, or at least not in one session. Keep in mind that when using butt implants, the results are more predictable and easier to sustain compared to fat transfer when the results depend on the amount of fat that can be collected with liposuction and the patient’s ability to maintain a constant weight after the procedure. 

Nonetheless, spectacular results can be achieved when these two butt augmentation procedures are combined. The plastic surgeon can use both butt implants and fat transfer to create beautiful, natural results. The buttocks will look bigger and perkier, and the results are more natural compared to using just implants as the fat transferred will provide better coverage for the implants. 

Butt augmentation is performed very frequently nowadays, and it has many different forms. For example, a procedure derived from the classic butt augmentation surgery is the hourglass butt augmentation, which combines liposuction and fat transfer to the hips to deliver even more impressive results and an hourglass body shape. The procedure can contribute to completely changing the shape of the body and getting a more feminine shape, aside from a bigger booty.

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