How old should i be to get a butt augmentation?

How old should i be to get a butt augmentation?

16th Nov 2018

Butt augmentation can be done either by using gluteal implants or fat transfer to the buttocks. Many people interested in improving their buttocks ask what the appropriate age for butt augmentation is.

Underdeveloped buttocks or buttocks with an irregular shape can become an issue for both men and women from an early age. People want to undergo plastic surgery to increase the size of the buttocks as early as 15 or 16 years old, but considering FDA recommendations, a responsible plastic surgeon will advise them to wait until they are at least 18 years old.

Butt augmentation with implants offers permanent results. In other words, even if your body will go through different transformations over the years, the size of your buttocks achieved with implants will stay more or less the same as the implants keep their volume. Moreover, you should also know that butt implants, unlike breast implants, are designed not to rupture or leak. In other words, there will be no need to remove or replace them later on in life. However, there are still certain complications that can occur and determine the need for additional procedures on the buttocks.

You can undergo butt augmentation both with implants and fat transfer as early as 18 years old, and there are cases when it is recommended to do so, especially if the patient received a major trauma to the buttocks that has caused visible imperfection or asymmetry. However, you should also consider waiting until you are completely aware and able to fully understand and accept the long-term consequences of such a complex plastic surgery intervention.

Generally speaking, when undergoing the procedure at 18 and even before 24 years old, the patient will be more interested in getting the aesthetic enhancement and pay little attention to the risks involved. Recovery after a butt augmentation procedure can be difficult and taxing for a young adult, considering the patient is not allowed to sit or rest on the buttocks for three weeks and physical exercises should be resumed only after four to six weeks with the plastic surgeon’s approval. A compression garment is also mandatory to be worn for quite an extensive period of time that can be as long as two months. Pain and discomfort can also be experienced by patients undergoing butt augmentation procedures, especially during the first few days to a week.

One risk that is associated with any type of plastic surgery is that the patient can get unsatisfactory results and revision surgery might be necessary. It is not something that often occurs if you choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon; however, the risk is still present.

When considering a butt augmentation with fat transfer at an early age, you should also be aware of the fact that your body might change over the years. You will accumulate more fat, get more toned muscles, and so on. For women, pregnancy and weight fluctuations can change the shape of the body and even the size quite considerably. The fat that was transferred to the buttocks will be affected by changes in your body size, just like the other features of your anatomy. In other words, if you lose weight after the procedure, your buttocks might get smaller, and if you gain weight, your buttocks might get bigger.

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