How painful is it to undergo butt enhancement surgery?

How painful is it to undergo butt enhancement surgery?

04th Jan 2019

How Painful Is It To Undergo Butt Enhancement Surgery?


One of the common concerns of patients considering butt enhancement surgery is whether they would experience pain and discomfort after the procedure. Butt enhancement surgeries like butt implants, butt reduction, and butt lift are highly invasive procedures because they involve incisions, tampering with the tissue and muscles, and skin removal or insertion of implants in the butt. As a result, patients will experience some degree of pain and discomfort after the procedure.

When the body experiences trauma, it takes action to let you know that something is not right by giving you pain and discomfort. Since butt enhancement surgery involves surgical trauma and incisions that injure your skin, nerves, muscles, and tissues, your body will react in the form of pain and discomfort.

The intensity of pain following the butt enhancement procedure differs from patient to patient, depending on the pain tolerance level of each patient. In most cases, patients experience mild to moderate levels of pain. The pain is mostly experienced in the first 24-72 hours after the surgery. It then gradually subsides and finally disappears.

However, there are some people who experience intense pain after the surgery. These people have weaker pain tolerance levels. In most cases, the mild to moderate pain after butt enhancement surgery can be managed with pain relief medications. In the case of intense or unbearable pain that does not subside, you may be required to get IV pain relief medications.

The plastic surgeon will also give you tips for decreasing the pain. For example, you may be told to avoid engaging in physical activities for the first two weeks. The use of compression garments will also go a long way toward keeping you from possible pain and discomfort.

Patients are always advised to avoid doing any activity that will apply pressure to the incisions after the procedure. Physical activities can result in more trauma at the surgery site and even result in wound splitting, which can make the pain and discomfort worse. It is important to avoid strenuous physical activities for the first 5-6 weeks following the procedure.

You should also be sure to keep the surgery area clean and take any prescribed antibiotics on time. Infections can make the pain and discomfort worse for you. After the surgery, your body will be at greater risk of infections. Make sure to follow the plastic surgeon’s instructions to stay safe from potential infections.

In case the pain and discomfort after the procedure become unbearable for you, you must contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Intense pain can also be a sign of other complications like serious infections.

How much pain you may experience after butt enhancement surgery also depends on the skills, experience, and credentials of your surgeon. The surgical techniques partially determine the intensity of the associated pain and discomfort. A skilled and experienced surgeon will use proven surgical techniques, which means you may not experience much pain and discomfort afterward.


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