How painful is plastic surgery

How painful is plastic surgery

21st Feb 2019

Nowadays plastic surgery represents the only safe and effective method to correct certain body imperfections. While the procedures are mostly performed with aesthetic goals in mind, this doesn’t make plastic surgery less of an important procedure. This means that patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery should be fully aware of the risks and complications and also what is to be expected during the recovery period.

There are patients who schedule their plastic surgery procedure thinking they will get breast implants on Friday so they can return to work on Monday morning. This is not how things go. Patients need to understand that it is surgery we are talking about and it entails a recovery period to allow the body to heal and restore after the trauma of the surgery. Even less invasive procedures such as liposuction and fat transfer require a few days of downtime. During this time the patient is advised to take things slowly, resume usual activities gradually, and don’t engage in physically demanding activities as complications might be triggered and the pain accentuated.

Patients interested in undergoing different plastic surgery procedures often ask about the level of pain associated with that specific procedure. Generally speaking, you should know that procedures that entail the sectioning of significant tissues, especially the muscles, can be associated with more intense pain during the recovery period compared to less invasive procedures. The procedures that use butt implants or breast implants can turn out to be more painful for a few days post-op compared to procedures performed with the patient’s own fat tissue such as the Brazilian butt lift and breast lipofilling. Moreover, the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon can play an important part in a fast recovery and a reduced level of pain. But the most important thing that the patient can do to avoid unnecessary pain is to take the pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon, to wear the compression garments, and follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter.

Plastic surgery is not more or less painful than any other surgery, so if you have had surgery before, you have an idea of what to expect after the procedure. Moreover, keep in mind that the level of pain is directly proportional to the patient’s tolerance to pain.

The plastic surgeon will prescribe a simple analgesic for most patients after the procedure. However, if you know you have a low tolerance for pain, make sure to discuss this aspect with the plastic surgeon and ask for stronger pain medication. Keep in mind though that the stronger the pills might be, the more secondary effects they might have.

So, how painful is plastic surgery? Well, not overly painful if you follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon and take the pills. It is also important to mention that the pain is often present just for a few days post-op.

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