How painful is the butt implant procedure?

How painful is the butt implant procedure?

25th Feb 2018

Plastic surgery is often the only effective method to achieve improvements in the appearance of the body. However, plastic surgery is also a medical procedure that entails risks and potential complications and should always be carefully considered. When weighing in the pros and cons of undergoing butt implant surgery, it is important to consider the side effects that can occur after the procedure. This is the reason why many patients ask how painful the butt implant procedure is.

The pain is a subjective issue. Each person has a certain level of tolerance to pain. What is nothing for one patient could translate into moderate or even intensive pain for another patient. This is why it would be difficult to say exactly how painful butt implant surgery is. However, it is important to know that there will be a certain level of pain to be experienced after the procedure.

During butt implant surgery, the tissues of the buttocks are sectioned to allow the plastic surgeon to create a pocket in which the silicone implants are inserted. This means that after the procedure, the tissues sectioned need to heal, as well as the incisions. Moreover, the patient will also need to get used to having the implants inside the buttocks, and this initial discomfort can also seem like pain.

Butt implants can be more painful than other procedures because of the surgical plan that is followed and the post-operative indications that imply another level of discomfort. The silicone implants are inserted into the muscles of the buttocks or under the muscles. The muscles take longer and cause more pain during recovery compared to other tissues such as skin or fat. This is the reason why butt implant surgery is associated with a more significant level of pain. Moreover, when implants are used, the skin is stretched along with the muscles. There is also tension that can create some discomfort until the patient gets used to having implants.

It is important to keep in mind that the patient will be prescribed pain medication that will alleviate the discomfort. In other words, the patient won’t have to suffer at all as the pain will subside after medication is taken. However, the discomfort associated with not being able to sit directly on the butt or sleep on the back for about three weeks can be a struggle for the patient to get used to. Often it takes no longer than a few days for the initial pain and discomfort to subside with the help of medication. Because the muscles of the buttocks are involved in all movements of the lower part of the body, it is not uncommon to experience a certain level of pain and discomfort for a few weeks, especially if the patient engages in more demanding physical activities.

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