How radically can you change your butt shape after plastic surgery?

How radically can you change your butt shape after plastic surgery?

10th Feb 2018

It is natural for human beings to have the inherent desire to enhance their physical attributes. Evidences suggest the Homo sapiens’ obsession with the anatomy of the body, especially the female booty, like in the 35000-year old Venus of Hohle Fels, which is one solid evidence that human beings were obsessed with the female body specifically her breasts, buttocks, and hips.

The obsession for a perfect human body has been observed over several waves of changes in the history of the existence of human beings. About two hundred years ago, large butts were enough for a woman to garner the attention of men; similarly, nowadays, women are expected to have shapely and large butts, too. Women with curvy bodies and voluptuous behinds are considered to have the perfect bodies and the trend of shapely butts has been epitomized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj.

Plastic surgery for shapely butts

In the ancient times, many women with prominent behinds could only desire to have bigger butts, but today, those who are born with flatter, smaller, or poorly shaped derriere can achieve bigger and shapely buttocks with plastic surgery. And new statistics show that women are not alone in this race for bigger and shapely behinds, studies show that men, too, undergo plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks.

There are many reasons why men and women seek plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks. Some want to improve their appearance, others want to fit into their clothes while a few want to stay in the spotlight or attract better partners for mating. There is no doubt that , one can become voluptuous and sexy after having a butt job.

The power of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has been very effective in attaining shapely buttocks for men and women, however, it can be only done with the correct aesthetic goals and health condition of the patient with the recommendation of the plastic surgeon. The two major plastic surgery procedures that can change and improve the shape of your buttocks are the use of buttock implants and fat grafts.

There are many who are inspired by celebrities and want to emulate these personalities. They take pictures of the celebrities with them and show it to their plastic surgeons during the initial consultation. Some patients desire to get very large butts, while others seek more shapely and curvy figures.

It is important to understand, that each one of us has a unique buttock composition, health, overall figure, and dimensions. Based on individuality, your aesthetic goals and expectations must be realistic to have an aesthetically appealing and safe outcome from the procedure. It will be disastrous to get a set of very large butt implants that can introduce radical changes, however, no assurance will be given that the result will be similar to that of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez after the plastic surgery.

The type of butt augmentation method is important depending on your goal. If you prefer a set of shapely buttocks over a set of huge buttocks and there is enough fat deposits in other body areas, your plastic surgeon may recommend fat grafting (Brazilian butt lift) surgery. This procedure can increase the butt size from mild to moderate and contour your rear to make it curvaceous and voluptuous.

Adding projection to the butts and making it shapely at the same time is also possible with butt implants but there is no guarantee that there will be a substantial change in the shape of your butts. This method will use a highly durable, semi-solid silicone prosthetics that will be inserted inside your buttocks. The implants will help make your butts appear fuller than making it appear shapely. However, if the surgery is performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, you may even get voluptuous buttocks with butt implants.

Sense of aesthetics, experience, and artistry of the plastic surgeon

The radical changes in your buttock shape after a butt augmentation procedure is highly dependent on the experience, sense of aesthetics and artistic skills of your plastic surgeon. There are many plastic surgeons who are experienced and skilled in the buttock enhancement techniques, however, they may not understand your aesthetics goals as they lack the sense of aesthetics.

Plastic surgeons who are skilled artists can easily understand your aesthetic goals, and offer their expert recommendations and opinions. Then they can perform the butt enhancement procedure and deliver an aesthetically appealing, shapely, round, and curvy buttocks that will be irresistible to your potential mates.

Surgeons with good aesthetic sense and skill will not just transfer fat or place implants in your butts but will go further to sculpt the buttocks to add killer curves and ideal projection during the procedure. For this reason, they will make a detailed evaluation of your buttocks with the dimensions before recommending the best method.


Of the parts of the human body, the buttocks have been the ultimate measure of attractiveness, it is very important to the aesthetics of the human body. This is the primary reason why many people seek plastic surgery to sculpt their derriere. Plastic surgery is very effective in making radical changes in your body, but your aesthetic goals must be reasonable based on your unique form so that you can be satisfied with the end results.

There are two major plastic surgery procedures that can make your buttocks large and shapely namely the insertion of buttock implants and injection of grafted fat. To achieve the butts of your dream, choose only board certified plastic surgeon who has a great sense of aesthetics, so he/she can understand your expectations and desires and can deliver the results accordingly.

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