How safe are the injectable fillers for the buttocks?

How safe are the injectable fillers for the buttocks?

18th Nov 2017

Nowadays, many women are very conscious about how they look. They want to achieve the perfect body of their dreams even if it means they have to go through surgical procedures. A common area where surgical alterations are done is the buttocks. There are different buttocks augmentation procedures that can be done in order to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. The most common are the Brazilian butt lift and the buttocks implant surgery.

A third method involves the use of man-made fillers that are injected into the buttocks. This is a highly controversial procedure that is still being illegally done in the U.S. In other countries, it may be legally done, but the procedure is still questionable when it comes to safety as well as the results.

Going through the procedure of butt injection with fillers is a very risky move. Surgeons are highly against it because of its safety issues. There have been reports of women who were found dead because of the procedure. The fillers are questionable because they are not regulated, and the ones performing the operation may not also be real surgeons. Aside from causing death, the surgery can also cause irreversible side effects that negatively affect the health of the patient. The results are also questionable because there is a huge risk of not being satisfied with the outcome.

Buttocks augmentation

Buttocks augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the size and shape of the buttocks through different methods. The most popular methods are the Brazilian butt lift and the buttocks implant surgery. The Brazilian butt lift is done by using liposuction to remove the fats in several areas of the body. In this way, there is a source of natural filler that will enhance the buttocks, and the area liposuctioned will also slim down. The fat obtained is purified before it is strategically injected into the buttocks to get the augmented shape and size.

The buttocks implant surgery is another popular method, and it makes use of a silicone gel implant, rather than your own fat, to augment and shape the buttocks. Because it makes use of semisolid silicone implants, there is a need to have a larger incision as compared to what you will get when you go for the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is capable of reshaping and significantly augmenting the size of the buttocks.

These two are the most common and available today. They are done by certified and experienced surgeons for your own safety. There is also another method that is a bit more controversial than the two, and it is the use of injectable fillers to augment the buttocks.

Buttocks augmentation with injectable fillers

Buttocks augmentation through the use of injectable fillers is also known as bioplasty. It is a procedure that injects man-made substances into the buttocks to reshape them and make them look bigger. It is a minimally invasive procedure because it only uses injections, but its safety is still questionable.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still doesn’t approve of any product that can be used to augment the buttocks through injections. Although there are injectable fillers that have been approved by the FDA, these are only approved to be used on the face. Using them for the buttocks will cause an extremely high price that most people wouldn’t be able to afford.

In other countries, buttocks injection with fillers is being done despite the high risk of developing different fatal complications because of it. Some make use of hydrogel injections, which are labeled as mostly water, and a small amount of polyacrylamide. Although there are product labels, no one is certain that they really contain what is on the label. There is also no one regulating the substances. That is why it is still not clear if it is safe for the body or not.

Another filler that is used is the polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA). This product is approved by the FDA as a filler but is mostly used on the face in very small amounts. Using it for the buttocks would be very expensive and impractical. That is why it is usually not done. The silicone butt injections are also available in other countries, but surgeons highly advise against it. The liquid silicone has a tendency to move to different body areas, and it can cause an inflammation on different parts of the body. It is also difficult to remove once it has already been injected in the buttocks.

The risk in using injectable fillers

The use of fillers on the buttocks or any part of the body comes with the risk of developing lifelong complications. It can have side effects that won’t easily go away or that would be permanent. The main reason why surgeons discourage people from injecting fillers into their buttocks that are not from their own fat is because of safety reasons. Due to the lack of a regulating body for the fillers, there is no guarantee of the safety of the fillers. There have been lots of reports of dangerous and life-threatening complications due to the use of fillers on the buttocks.

There have been many reports of women going to different countries just to get buttocks augmentation, and they ended up dead. Aside from the illegal use of the fillers that are being injected into the buttocks, many of these procedures are also being done in facilities that do not meet the standards of surgical operation environments. The tools or environment may be unsterile, which can cause infection to occur. This infection can also lead to death.

Another risk that you are taking when injecting fillers is the result itself. There is a high chance that the injected substance wouldn’t stay in place and would migrate to another area. This will just leave your buttocks in a weird shape, which will dissatisfy you. If you really want to augment your buttocks, do your research and look for other ways on how you can do it.


Buttocks surgical procedures can involve the use of fat transferred to the buttocks, the use of implants on the buttocks, or the injection of fillers onto the buttocks. All of these surgical procedures come with risks, but it is the injection of fillers into the buttocks that is highly discouraged.

The injection of fillers is still illegal in the U.S., and although some other countries have it available, the fillers they use are still questionable. The fillers may have labels on them about their content, but no one is really sure if that is true. There is no authoritative body regulating the fillers. That is why it can really pose a threat to the health of the patient.

The fillers can cause adverse side effects that can be permanent and irreversible. In some instances, it can cause death. There have already been reports of women dying because of the procedure. It is a really risky one, and even if you don’t die from it, there is still a great chance that you will not be satisfied with the outcome of the procedure.

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