How safe is the buttock augmentation with implant procedure?

How safe is the buttock augmentation with implant procedure?

28th Jul 2017

To achieve a bigger and more rounded butt, women can consider going through a butt augmentation surgery to improve what they currently have. For some women, a Brazilian butt lift, where fat from other parts of the body is transferred to the butt, is enough to get them the size and shape that they wish they had. Despite its popularity, there are still others who are not good candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Women who are skinnier or those who don’t have enough fat in their body to enable them to get the size and shape that they want can turn to another buttock augmentation procedure. The use of butt implants is the most favored alternative amongst these types of women who want the buttocks that they dream of.

The safety factor in buttocks augmentation through the use of implants highly depends on who performs the surgery. The surgeons that are chosen should have credentials that are recognized by the authority in the area where they are in. There are many patients who go abroad just to have their surgery because it is much cheaper but sometimes, this brings out unpleasant results. Although there are some that can perform the surgery very well, there are still many who do not have the necessary skill and the unfortunate patients end up seriously ill or dying.

The kind of implants used on the buttocks can also have an effect on its safety. There are implants that are made of a bipolymer product that is very cheap but is very dangerous. In some countries, this kind of implant is banned due to its negative effects. The most common implants used are made of silicone but unlike the breast implants that are made of silicone gel, the silicone here is solid. There are also other non-silicone butt implants that are available in the market today.

Many surgeons prefer to place the implants below the muscles to prevent it from sagging and being noticeable implants. This can also help lessen the risk of it turning or migrating. Although the use of implants is safe, there are still some risks involved with its use. Knowing such risks can help you decide whether to go through the surgery or not.

Among the risks involved in the buttock augmentation surgery with implants are bleeding, infection, nerve damage, scarring, implant rupture, seroma, and implant migration. It is also possible for the patients to also have a bad reaction to anesthesia too. After the surgery, it is normal to feel pain and pressure over the area because of the presence of the implants. To remedy this, some surgeons prescribe pain relievers that help patients to cope with the pain and discomfort while they recover.

It is important to monitor yourself closely during recovery should you go through a plastic surgery. This way, you can immediately notice if there is something wrong with your body. Early detection of any abnormalities will enable you to seek help immediately. Life-threatening complications mostly result from complications that are not immediately remedied or identified.

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