How should my butt look like after getting butt implants?

How should my butt look like after getting butt implants?

23rd Jan 2020


When undergoing a procedure such as liposuction, it is rather simple for patients to envisage the results that will be achieved: the fat will be removed from the areas treated, and there will be no fat deposits after. But when it comes to an augmentation procedure that is using implants, it can be more complicated for patients to understand how the buttocks will look like after the procedure. 

A common question we hear a lot during the pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation surgery and also from patients who are in their recovery period is “How should my butt look like after getting implants?”

The aesthetic improvements that can be achieved with implants are significant, especially if the procedure is performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. So, what should be expected after getting butt implants?

Before anything else, it is important to understand that the appearance of the buttocks will change and the final results are visible about six months after the procedure. So, immediately after the surgery, the butt will look swollen and bruised and with an impressive projection. As the implants are inserted into the upper part of the buttocks, the augmentation will be mostly visible at that level and will not affect the lower part of the butt or the sides. 

Immediately after the procedure, the buttocks won’t look anything like they will look six months down the line, and patients should be aware of this otherwise the first image might be disappointing. Small seromas and hematomas can also occur at the beginning of the recovery period, and the swelling will make it difficult to understand the shape of the body. However, over the next few months, the swelling and bruising will slowly subside.

To ensure the appearance of your butt is as good as can be, the recommendation is to avoid sitting on the buttocks and sleeping on the back for a minimum of three weeks post-op. Otherwise, the incisions might open and the implants might shift. If the implants shift, the appearance of the buttocks will be altered and you will notice that it will look like there is a frisbee inserted in the upper part of your rear end.

After the healing is complete, the look of the buttocks should be natural. If the implants chosen fit the patient’s anatomy, the final results should look and feel natural. Moreover, considering the fact that the incisions are hidden in the intragluteal fold, one year after the surgery people shouldn’t be able to tell whether you have implants or not. The buttocks should be symmetrical, large, proportionate to the rest of the anatomy, and their consistency should be similar to the toned muscles of the buttocks.  

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