How soon after breast implants can i have a revision surgery

How soon after breast implants can i have a revision surgery

10th Aug 2017

Getting a breast implant procedure is a big decision that a woman can make. Even after the patient has finally made the decision to have the procedure, questions remain, such as which surgeon should perform the procedure, the size of the implants, etc. Once all the questions are answered, and the breast implant surgery is finally done, the worst part is the feeling that they have made the wrong decision because they are not satisfied with the results.

It is quite common for many women to have doubts about their decision in getting breast implants right after the surgery. This is because what they see is not the final result yet as the breasts have not fully healed. But this feeling goes away once they see the final results. Many women fall in love with the results after the implants have settled. However, this may take a few months to happen.

Some women who are not really satisfied with the results of their breast implant surgery may blame their surgeons for it. Some may not be contented with the size because they would rather go for bigger implants. Thus, they go for another surgery. But before a patient decides to go for another surgery for bigger implants, it would be best to wait for about 6 months to let the wounds heal.. The 6-month period can also help the patient reach the decision whether she would really want to go for another surgery. There are some surgeons who can do the procedure after 3 months from the first surgery. The time would depend on the surgeon performing the procedure but most would wait until the wounds have healed.

In order to avoid patients from having another surgery to correct or revise their breast implant surgery, it is important that patients talk openly with the surgeon. The consultation phase of the breast implant surgery is very important because this is when the patient discusses with the surgeon her desired and expectations. It is also during the consultation that the surgeon looks at the patient’s breasts and body to see if the desired results are doable and if not, to propose other options.

For the breast implant revision surgery to be successful, there should be proper consultations with the surgeon and the patient so that all of the patient’s concerns would be addressed. This ensures that after the revision surgery, the patient will be satisfied with the results. Surgeons should also take their time in planning the revision surgery carefully to make sure it would yield the best results for the patient.

Revision surgery is done not only because the patient is not satisfied with the result, but sometimes it is because of the complications that develop. Some revision surgeries only require minor procedures that can easily be done in the clinic, while there are those severe enough that it would involve multiple surgeries to correct.


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