How soon can i return to work after breast reduction surgery?

How soon can i return to work after breast reduction surgery?

19th Mar 2018

If you have overly large breasts and they are making you uncomfortable during exercise, if you have difficulties finding clothing, and if you are often confronted with back, neck and shoulder pain, chances are you need breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that helps women with big, heavy, saggy breasts suffering from neck and back pain, difficulty in breathing, and skin irritation under the breasts.

While the most frequent cause of excessively large breasts is excess weight, there are many cases of young women with a normal weight that are struggling with overly large breasts. Having breasts are that disproportionate to the rest of the body can be an issue from both a health and aesthetic point of view.

Some plastic surgeons recommend patients to undergo breast reduction surgery as soon as possible in life to avoid complications that are more difficult or impossible to address later. For example, for a teenager with the body still developing, having overly large breasts can cause a deformation of the spine and also lead to a body posture that would be difficult to correct if sustained for a long period of time. Many young women with overly large breasts have the tendency to keep a position with the shoulders sagging and pushed to the front. In time, overly large breasts lead to mammary ptosis that can become more and more accentuated with the passing of time and other factors.

Other plastic surgeons would advise the patient to wait until they know their family is complete and they don’t plan another pregnancy before undergoing the procedure. These details should be discussed during the pre-operative consultation, and it is important for the patient to understand the long-term consequences of breast reduction surgery.

After the procedure, the patient is advised to take about two weeks off from work for the recovery process. The recovery process has many stages. The first is a few days to a week after the procedure. During this time, the patient will need to rest after the surgery. Pain and discomfort are normal occurrences during this time, as well as overall tiredness. Starting with the second week, the patient often resumes most daily activities and even work, if the job responsibilities don’t involve a great level of physical effort.

Many patients ask how soon they can return to work after breast reduction surgery, but for this question, there is not a one-size-fits-all type of answer. Your ability to return to work after breast reduction surgery is dependent on how well the recovery process is going and also the type of job that you are in. Keep in mind that for jobs that require intense physical efforts, it can take up to two or three months before being able to resume them.

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