How soon can you get butt augmentation after childbirth?

How soon can you get butt augmentation after childbirth?

07th Sep 2019



Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure. It can enhance the buttocks and make you look more feminine by increasing your butt size. If you are considering to get butt augmentation surgery, you may do it when you no longer want to get pregnant and have children. If you’re going to have more children, you may postpone your plan to get butt augmentation for now. 

While the results of other plastic surgery procedures are affected by pregnancy, the buttocks are least affected by pregnancy. As such, there is no harm in getting the surgery before pregnancy. However, it is still recommended that you should get it after childbirth. Many patients wonder as to how soon can they get butt augmentation after delivery. Generally, the patient should wait at least six months after pregnancy to get butt augmentation. However, if you are nursing, you should wait six months after stopping nursing to get the procedure. 


Getting butt augmentation after childbirth

If you have given birth, chances are you will be nursing your baby for a few months. Also, you may have gained weight as a result of pregnancy and the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Since the buttock augmentation is a major and invasive procedure, patients are required to meet specific eligibility criteria to undergo the procedure. 

One of the requirements is that your weight must be stable at the time of undergoing buttock augmentation. Your weight will be unstable for some months after childbirth. Moreover, you must stop breastfeeding and wait for a few months. Undergoing the operation at a time when you are breastfeeding can have adverse effects on your baby’s health. 

Females are extremely image-conscious. They suffer from emotional trauma when they are pregnant. Pregnancy affects their physical features in negative ways, and after childbirth, women desire to get into their pre-pregnancy shape. Furthermore, people in society begin to judge females based on their physical features. The pressure mounts when patients that a particular celebrity has gotten back in shape right after giving birth to a baby. 

Most females are prone to coming easily under pressure to get back their pre-pregnancy shape. They often discount the hormonal and physical changes that have taken place to prepare their body for the birth of the baby. Keep in mind that pregnancy triggers hormonal and physical changes in your body. This happens so that the baby can grow and you can have a proper delivery. 

Typically, women should weight for six months after giving birth to get buttock augmentation. However, if you have to breastfeed your baby, you must wait six months after breastfeeding. Keep in mind that nursing your baby is vital for his or her growth and development. You should nurse your baby for the recommended period and not worry about your aesthetic appearance. Your baby needs your attention and must be your priority at this point. 

Stable weight is a necessary requirement to get buttock augmentation. If your weight is not stable, you should avoid the procedure. It can take a few months after childbirth for your weight to become stable. The exact time differs from one person to another; however, it happens within six months in most cases. 


How will the buttocks change after childbirth?

After the delivery of your child, your body will experience changes. In other words, the adverse physical changes that happened during pregnancy will reverse, and your body will change for the good to gradually retain your pre-pregnancy shape. Furthermore, your body will become balanced in terms of hormones and no further hormonal changes will happen. You will also notice that your skin, muscles, and tissues also become tighter and stronger. Your health, diet, and lifestyle will also determine the restoration of your physical features to pre-pregnancy status.

You can resort to diet and exercise after childbirth so that getting back into your pre-pregnancy shape can be quick. However, some women fail to get back their former body entirely. If you have undergone many pregnancies, your skin, muscles, and tissue will already be weaker. As such, diet and exercise may fail to improve your body shape. In any case, patients are advised to wait for some months so that their weight is stabilized. Afterwards, you can get plastic surgery procedures including buttock augmentation to get back in shape.


How long to wait between childbirth and buttock augmentation

Many women wonder as to exactly how long they have to wait after childbirth to get buttock augmentation. The time you are required to wait can differ from one patient to another, and many factors like diet and exercise, your health and weight will play a role in determining the best time to get buttock augmentation. 

The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks and other physical features to tell you as to how long you should wait before undergoing buttock augmentation surgery. He may ask you to wait for three to six months after you stop breastfeeding to get the procedure. You must follow the surgeon’s advice because doing so will prevent possible revision surgeries. What this means is that many women who don’t want to wait to get butt augmentation surgery after childbirth end up requiring revision surgeries after the primary operation. You need to allow your body enough time to heal and your physical features to restore after pregnancy and childbirth before you get butt augmentation surgery. 

Bear in mind that women who undergo butt augmentation surgery without waiting for a few months experience both aesthetic and health problems. For example, the cosmetic improvements achieved with the procedure may be lost because your body and physical features are still changing. It is essential for the body to become stable so that the surgeon can work to achieve a balance between your buttocks and other physical features. In case your physical features change after the procedure, the balance will be lost, making your buttocks and other body features look abnormal and asymmetrical. Moreover, when you continue breastfeeding after butt augmentation, it can have negative consequences on your baby’s health. 

Patients should understand that every person has a different body, with various features and healing speed and quality. The point of emphasizing this is that your healing and physical restoration period after childbirth will also be different. Many women heal and recover quickly after delivery, and then there are some who have a slow healing pattern. In any case, you will be required to wait at least three months after you stop nursing to get butt augmentation surgery. This period allows your body and the swollen blood vessels to heal and your hormones to become normal. Your weight will also stabilize during this time. 

During the pre-operative consultation, you must discuss your candidacy with the plastic surgeon. If you have any health issues, the doctor must be aware of it. Butt augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning that you can go home some hours after the surgery if your health remains stable.

If you are getting implants, the plastic surgeon will make incisions and then insert and place the implants into the buttocks. Butt implants are artificial objects made of semi-solid and highly durable silicone. They are safe for use and FDA-approved. These implants come in different sizes. The plastic surgeon will help you choose an implant size suitable for you. After placing the implants inside the buttocks, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. Your recovery will begin at this point and will continue for many weeks.

On the other hand, fat transfer is also a popular plastic surgery procedure that is used to enhance the buttocks. This procedure does not use artificial objects. It involves the use of the excess fat available in your body to augment your booty. The plastic surgeon will first identify the fat donor sites in your body. The surgeon will perform liposuction on those areas to remove the excess fat. He will then purify the fat in a centrifuge and then inject the healthy and living fat cells into your buttocks with a special needle. This will help add projection and shape to your backside. 



Almost all women want to get their pre-pregnancy physical features back as soon as possible after giving birth. Pregnancy and childbirth affect the female body in negative ways. I have explained above as to what pregnancy and childbirth cause to the female body. Buttock augmentation is a major procedure. You must avoid getting the surgery immediately after childbirth. You should wait for three to six months after you stop nursing your baby to get butt augmentation surgery. The reasons why it is essential have been discussed above.  


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