How soon is sitting possible after BBL?

How soon is sitting possible after BBL?

22nd Jan 2021

For patients who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their buttocks and would like to get an improvement without subjecting themselves to increased risks and potential complications, the Brazilian butt lift might be the recommended solution. 

Many people know what butt implant surgery entails and how it is performed. Some fear to undergo the procedure as it is more invasive and the use of external devices such as gluteal implants is associated with specific complications. There is no doubt that butt implant surgery is a safe and efficient procedure when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. However, there is also no doubt that some patients will prefer the Brazilian butt lift instead. 

The recommendation towards one procedure or the other is made by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Keep in mind that the plastic surgeon needs to perform a medical examination on your body, take exact measurements, and discuss your goals and expectations from the surgery before designing the optimal surgical plan. There are patients who want to undergo the BBL thinking they will achieve the same results as that of butt implant surgery. This is not a realistic expectation. The augmentation achieved with the help of implants can be much more significant than when using fat transfer. Keep in mind that we can only inject a limited amount of fat into the buttocks, as we can only extract a limited amount from liposuction and a part of the fat collected is also lost during the purification process.

The results achieved with the two procedures are very different. Moreover, to be able to undergo a BBL, the patient needs to have an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction.

Even if the surgical plan and the results of the two procedures are different, there are some recommendations that are valid for the recovery period after both procedures. We are talking about not sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back.

Many patients ask how soon is sitting possible after the BBL, thinking it will take less time to recover compared to butt implant surgery. This is not necessarily the case. This instruction is given after the Brazilian butt lift to ensure the survival of most of the fat cells injected into the buttocks. Sitting on the butt too soon can cause fat necrosis or the death of the fat cells and hence alter the aesthetic results.

Generally speaking, patients are advised not to sit on the buttocks for about three weeks after the BBL. After this period, a special pillow can be used to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks. The pillow should be used for as long as possible during the first two months post-op.

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