How sustainable are the results of breast implant surgery?

How sustainable are the results of breast implant surgery?

13th Feb 2018

Undergoing plastic surgery is not a walk in the park, even if the procedures are often performed simply for aesthetic purposes. Breast implant surgery is a major intervention that requires the use of general anesthesia and incisions to insert the implants. The procedure also entails a recovery period of two weeks, and during this time the patient should follow a strict post-op protocol. Considering all these, it is only normal for patients to ask the plastic surgeon how sustainable the results of breast implant surgery are. No one wants to undergo a surgical procedure only to get a result that can disappear within a certain period of time, and this is perfectly normal.

However, when it comes to breast implant surgery, you should know that the results can be easily sustained in time and many patients don’t require additional procedures if no complications occur.

Breast augmentation surgery entails the use of silicone or saline solution prostheses that are inserted to increase the volume of the breasts. Each implant has a certain volume, and this volume will stay the same. The same is valid for the consistency and feel of the implants. These characteristics don’t change with time and are not influenced by external or internal factors. What could make the results of the procedure different in time is the natural aging process and sagginess that affects all women at a certain stage of their lives. However, even in this case, patient should know that breasts with implants have a tendency to start sagging later on compared to natural breast tissue. Moreover, breasts with implants will always feel firmer compared to natural breasts.

Maintaining the results of breast implant surgery require little effort from the patient. Often, using a proper, supportive and compressive bra when exercising and keeping a balanced lifestyle with healthy meals is enough. But to get good results and be able to sustain them in time, it is mandatory to choose a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your surgery and follow his recommendation to the letter in terms of pre- and post-operative care.

The importance of choosing the right type of breast implants is also important. The recommendation for the type, size, and shape of implants should be made by the plastic surgeon according to your characteristics and desired outcomes. Choosing the right type of implants is essential to be able to sustain the results of the surgery for longer. Choosing implants that are too big compared to your anatomy can cause the early onset of breast sagginess, and this will negatively alter the results of the surgery and even cause the need for additional interventions.

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