How the breast lift differs from breast reduction

How the breast lift differs from breast reduction

29th Oct 2019



There are different types of plastic surgery procedures available to treat different kinds of aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in the breasts. The female breasts are prone to different types of cosmetic problems. Women desire to have aesthetically appealing breasts; however, many factors affect the shape and size of the breasts. Two of the prevailing aesthetic issues that many women experience is saggy breasts and overly large breasts. 

The modern beauty ideals are that women should have firmer, perky, youthful, and bigger breasts. However, when the breasts become saggy or overly large, it affects your overall beauty and self-esteem. Many women don’t know what type of plastic surgery procedure can help them overcome the problems they are facing. The breast lift treats saggy breasts, whereas breast reduction decreases the size of overly large breasts. 


Difference between the breast lift and breast reduction

Since there are some similarities in the manner in which the breast lift and breast reduction are performed, many women assume that both of these procedures are the same. But the reality is that the breast lift and breast reduction are meant to treat different aesthetic flaws in the breasts. The goal of the breast lift is to restore your firmer and youthful breasts, whereas breast reduction reduces the size and weight of overly developed or excessively large breasts. Breast reduction may make your breasts somehow firmer, but the breast lift will not considerably decrease your breast size. 


Breast lift

The breasts are among the most critical aesthetic assets of women. Almost all women want their breasts to maintain its shape throughout their life. Unfortunately, many factors affect the firmness and youthfulness of the female breasts over time. These factors include pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, gravity, aging, and genetics. The breasts become saggy as a result of these factors. 

Saggy breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming. They also make you look aged and affect your overall body outline. If you are experiencing similar problems due to your saggy breasts, you may consider getting the breast lift. However, you should undergo the procedure only when the condition is affecting your self-esteem and there is no other way you can get back your firmer breasts. The breast lift is highly invasive, traumatic, and involves risks.

To know whether you are a good candidate for the breast lift, be sure to consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon will examine your boobs and check whether they are saggy. He will also assess your health condition and know your goals. Based on the findings, the surgeon will tell you as to whether the breast lift can help restore your firmer and youthful breasts more safely. 

The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. It involves different steps, starting with the making of incisions. Different incision techniques can be used to carry out breast lift. Which method is suitable for you depends on the level of sagginess in your breasts, the plastic surgeon’s judgment, and your expectations from the surgery. You can discuss the incision technique with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Keep in mind that the incisions will ultimately change into scars after the operation. The visibility and size of the scars depend on the incision technique.

After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will access the underlying breast muscles through the incisions. One of the leading factors that makes the breasts saggy is weakness and separation of the breast muscle. To make your breasts tighter again, the doctor will tighten the breast muscles. Once it is done, the surgeon will move on to the next step: lifting the loose nipples. If your nipples are pointing downward, the surgeon will reposition them higher on the breasts by using tiny incisions and removing a small amount of skin. As a result, the nipples will look perky and point forward like the nipples of a teenage girl.

If your areolas have expanded, the surgeon will trim the brown skin from the edges so that the areolas are reduced in size. Once that happens, the doctor will implement the final and most crucial step: skin excision. Keep in mind that the breasts become saggy primarily due to the excess skin in the breasts. The breasts can’t be firmer again if the excess skin is not removed. The plastic surgeon will remove the surplus skin from the breasts and then re-drape the remaining skin. He will then place sutures on the breasts and then close the incisions. 

You will be required to complete a recovery period following the breast lift. The results of the procedure will not become prominent unless the recovery has happened. For two weeks after the surgery, you must avoid work and instead focus on your recovery. Do not make more physical movements. You must stay in bed for most of the time so that your breasts can heal and the aesthetic improvements become prominent. 

Complete recovery can take six weeks. You will notice that your breasts are becoming firmer, youthful, and perky with the passage of time. The full results of the breast lift will take many weeks and even months to appear. You must be patient and focus on your recovery so that the results can emerge quickly. 


Breast reduction 

The goal of breast reduction is miles apart from that of the breast lift, even though there exists some similarity in how the procedures are performed. For example, both procedures involve removal of the excess skin from the breasts. However, breast reduction does not include tightening of the breast muscles, lifting of the nipples, and reducing the areolas. 

As with the breast lift, your candidacy for breast reduction will be determined during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will take a look at your breasts and ask you how excessively large breasts are affecting your life. Many women with overly large breasts want to get the surgery because the excessive size and weight of the breasts create physical and emotional pain for them. When the breasts become very large, it triggers pain in localized areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulder, and back. Huge breasts also look abnormal and aesthetically unwelcoming. They also affect the mobility and self-esteem of the patient.

Breast reduction is also performed under general anesthesia because it is more invasive and traumatic than the breast lift. The risks associated with breast reduction are higher than that of the breast lift. The plastic surgeon will start the operation with the placement of incisions on the breasts. Again, the incision technique depends on how large your breasts are and to what extent you want to decrease them.

After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will use the incisions to remove the excess glandular tissue from the breasts. Bear in mind that the breasts become overly large due to the overdevelopment of epithelial tissue and excessive fat storage in the breasts. It is for this reason that the surgeon will remove the excess glands from the breasts. After removing the glandular tissue, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess fat from the breasts. If need be, the doctor will use liposuction to take out the fat from different areas of the breasts.

Once the excess gland and fat have been removed, your breasts will get surplus skin due to the vacuum created by the removal of the tissues. If the skin is not removed, your breasts will become saggy. Therefore, the plastic surgeon will trim the excess skin from the breasts. In the last step, he will suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will begin right after the surgery and continue for many weeks. The first two weeks are critical for your recovery. The results will take time to transpire, even though you will feel the improvements in your breasts in the form of alleviation of the physical pain in the first week after the procedure. Once the results emerge, you will see that your breasts have drastically decreased in size and the physical and emotional pain are no longer there. 



Many women who want to enhance their breasts don’t know what type of procedure can help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Most often, women get confused between the breast lift and breast reduction. Many women think both are the same thing. However, breast lift and breast reduction are different procedures developed to treat different aesthetic flaws. The breast lift procedure saggy breasts, making them firmer and tighter again, whereas breast reduction decreases the size of overly large breasts and alleviates the pain linked with the condition. In this article, I have explained the differences between the two procedures and how the surgeries are performed. 

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