How the fat is processed before injecting into the buttocks during a brazilian butt lift

How the fat is processed before injecting into the buttocks during a brazilian butt lift

22nd Jun 2016

When the Brazilian buttock augmentation is performed, fat is removed with liposuction, and this fat needs to be collected in sterile canisters prior to injection. The literature shows different ways

When I perform this procedure, once the fat is collected in the sterile canisters, it is first decanted; in other words, most of the fluid will settle at the bottom of the canister, and this fluid can be removed by opening a valve in the canister. However, this is not enough. I have been able to determine that after decanting you still have about 40-50% of fluid mixed with the fat, and this is not good. If I inject this fat thinking that most of the fluid is gone, your results will be decreased significantly in the first two to three weeks as the body reabsorbs the fluid and the swelling goes down.

So, what do I do? Well, the best way is to use a strainer. This strainer is covered with a specialized membrane that allows the fluid to be removed while the fat stays on the top. This produces fat that is completely concentrated and pure, without any fluid that would jeopardize your outcome. This fat is then placed in syringes and injected into the areas of deficiency. One of the most critical parts of performing this procedure is technique; the technique of the surgeon is going to determine the long-term results. Anybody can harvest fat, anybody can put fat in the buttocks, but if the surgeon does not follow a strict protocol, it will jeopardize the results and ultimately you are not going to be a happy patient. Understanding the process of fat processing is crucial for a successful surgery; the best way of doing it is by processing the fat in such a way that only highly concentrated fat lobules are injected in the area that requires enhancement.

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