How to achieve a smaller waist with plastic surgery

18th Oct 2018

A smaller waist-to-hip ratio is the most important feature of the hourglass figure – the most revered body shape among women these days. In the United States and around the world, women go to great lengths to achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio.
The reason: a smaller waist-to-hip ratio makes women appear aesthetically appealing, curvaceous, sensuous, and voluptuous. There are also many other reasons why women desire to achieve the hourglass body shape, but in this video, I will focus on how to achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio.
Methods like workouts and diet may help some women achieve a smaller waist; however, they will never help you get wider hips. If there are stubborn fat pockets in and around your abdomen or if you have saggy skin, diet and exercise will not even help you achieve slimmer waist.
So, what is the most effective and reliable way to achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio?
Plastic surgery! Yes, there are a number of plastic surgery procedures dedicated to delivering you achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio or the hourglass body. These procedures are called hourglass procedures.
The popular procedures to achieve a smaller waist-to-hip ratio are the hourglass hip procedure and the hourglass tummy tuck. Depending on the aesthetic condition of your body and your aesthetic goals, one of these procedures will be used to deliver your desired body shape.
The hourglass hip procedure is best for patients who have excess fat in their abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back. The fat is removed from these areas via liposuction, which results in a slimmer waist. The fat is then purified and transferred to the hips, which widens the hips. This would result in a smaller waist-to-hip ratio.
If your butt is smaller or flatter, it will affect your body aesthetics in negative ways. During the hourglass hip procedure, fat will also be injected in your butt to make them appear bigger, fuller, and shapelier.
On the other hand, if you have saggy abdomen with fat pockets in the love handles, sides, and abdomen itself, the hourglass tummy tuck and hourglass fat transfer will be performed in combination to deliver you a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. During the surgery, the excess skin from your abdomen will be removed and the excess fat liposuctioned, which will make the waist smaller. The removed fat will then be transferred to your hips and butt, resulting in wider hips and a fuller butt.

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