How to achieve natural-looking results with butt implants

How to achieve natural-looking results with butt implants

01st Nov 2019



Many women who want to get butt implant surgery wonder as to whether the procedure will deliver them natural results. While there is no doubt that butt implant surgery cannot provide you entirely natural results like fat transfer surgery, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you achieve results that are as natural as possible. The buttocks play an essential role not only in defining your femininity but also your overall body definition.

Butt implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. It helps to enhance the buttocks of tens of thousands of women each year. The operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, involves making incisions on the buttocks and the insertion of implants into the buttocks. Butt implants are artificial objects made of semi-solid silicone. After the procedure, your buttocks will become bigger and voluptuous. Whether your buttocks will look natural depends on many factors. Below I will explain as to how you can achieve natural-looking results with butt implants.


Choose your surgeon carefully

The success of butt implant surgery is in the hands of the plastic surgeon to a greater extent. If you want to achieve natural results, you must choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Unfortunately, US law allows any physician to do plastic surgery, including butt implant surgery. As such, many physicians and even general practitioners have started doing plastic surgery and show themselves as plastic surgeons. Make sure not to fall for their trap. Doctors who lack the proper training, qualification, experience, and credentials will not deliver you natural results. They will make your buttocks look aesthetically worse and even inflict health complications upon you.

Only a trained, board-certified, and experienced plastic surgeon can deliver natural-looking results with butt implant surgery. Make sure to do your research and select only a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in butt implant surgery to do the operation. Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is a major and invasive procedure that only a board-certified plastic surgeon can adequately perform. The pre-operative consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your goals with the surgeon and address your concerns. Always make it clear to the surgeon that you want to achieve natural-looking outcomes with the procedure. 


Make sure you are a good candidate 

The second most important factor that would determine the results is whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you want to achieve natural results, make sure you are a good candidate. The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation. 

First, he will examine your buttocks to see whether they are smaller or flatter. Secondly, he will assess your overall health and skin quality. He will also ask you about your aesthetic goals and expectations from the surgery. The doctor will also measure your buttock dimensions and height and weight. He will then use the findings to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you turn out to be a good candidate, it means you are more likely to achieve natural-looking results with butt implant surgery. 


Discuss your aesthetic goals with the surgeon

Next, you must discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Doing so is crucial in ensuring that you get natural-looking results. When the surgeon understands your goals clearly, he will customize the surgical methods to your needs so that the results look natural and you are satisfied with the outcomes. Again, the pre-operative consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your goals with the surgeon. You must tell the surgeon as to what problems you are experiencing due to your smaller buttocks and how large and shapelier you want your buttocks to be. 

Also, it is essential for the patient to have realistic, reasonable, and achievable goals. Buttock implants cannot deliver you entirely natural results because it involves the use of prosthetic or external devices. It does not use your body tissue like fat transfer surgery to augment your buttocks. However, it can increase your butt size considerably. This surgery is best for you if you want to get large buttocks than all-natural buttocks. Despite this, communicating your goals to the surgeon clearly and upfront can ensure that you get natural-looking results. 


Choose the implant size carefully

As the name suggests, buttock implant surgery involves the use of artificial implants to enhance the booty. Butt implants are available in various sizes. It is vital for the patient to make sure that the implant size chosen is suitable for her body type, outline and butt dimensions. You should not merely go for the largest implant. Instead, you must work with the plastic surgeon to choose a suitable butt implant size. The size of the implant will determine not only the size of your buttocks but also how natural your buttocks will look.

The plastic surgeon will tell you best as to which implant size is best for you. He will measure your butt dimensions, take your body outline and other physical features into account, and note your height and weight to recommend you a particular implant size. He will also ask you about your goals and expectations. Based on the findings, the plastic surgeon will then advise you an implant size. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. In case your butt dimensions are smaller and you decide to get large implants, there is a risk your buttocks would look abnormal, weird, and unnatural. To get natural results, you must work with your surgeon to choose an implant size that is suitable for your buttocks and body. 


Have the implants placed within or under the gluteal muscle

Placement of the implants inside the buttocks also plays an essential role in determining whether the results will appear natural. During the surgery, the implants are inserted into the buttocks through incisions and then placed in the intended location. There are three places where the implants can be placed: under, within, or over the buttock muscle. Now, where exactly are the implants placed is crucial to the appearance of the buttocks after the surgery.

Most plastic surgeons prefer to place the implants under or within the butt muscles because in these places the implants get enough tissue coverage, which makes the butt look natural. On the other hand, when the implants are placed over the butt muscles, especially in thin patients, the results will not be natural-looking. During the pre-operative consultations, you must ask the surgeon where the implants would be placed and emphasize on putting them under or within the gluteal muscles. 


Wear the compression garments

The patient is required to wear specially designed garments called compression garments for many weeks after the procedure. These garments are essential in that they are designed to hold your newly contoured buttocks in place until the implants drop and settle and the buttocks get enough strength to stay in the desired shape on its own. Furthermore, these garments will expedite the incision healing process and reduce the post-operative swelling. Make sure to wear the compression garments for the time recommended by your plastic surgeon. Typically, the patient is required to wear the garments for six weeks after the surgery.


Avoid physically strenuous activities during recovery

Physically strenuous activities can affect the results of the surgery. When you engage in physically demanding activities, it can cause wound dehiscence, bleeding, infection, and abnormal scarring, all of which can affect the outcomes of the procedure. If you want to achieve natural-looking results, you must avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the procedure. Complete recovery takes six weeks in most cases. Afterwards, you can then gradually resume your physical activities like exercises, jogging, weight lifting, jumping, etc.



If you want to get large and voluptuous buttocks, you may consider undergoing buttock implant surgery that involves inserting external implants inside the buttocks through incisions. Many women wonder whether the results of the operation would look natural. Even though butt implants may not provide you with entirely natural results, you can still do particular things to ensure that you get natural outcomes with the procedure. To start with, you must choose your plastic surgeon carefully, discuss your goals with the surgeon, select suitably sized implants, ensure that you are a good candidate for the surgery, and have the implants placed under or within the gluteal muscles. I have explained these factors, in addition to other relevant factors, in detail in this article. 

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