How to achieve natural results with plastic surgery

How to achieve natural results with plastic surgery

15th Mar 2021

Up until a few decades ago, it was socially acceptable for the breasts to look fake if you had a breast augmentation with implants. It was considered somehow like a consequence of undergoing plastic surgery and was nothing to worry about. Nowadays, things couldn’t be more different. While there is still a certain percentage of plastic surgery patients that undergo procedures desiring to achieve results that will draw attention (and not necessarily in a good way), the vast majority of patients are looking to get results that are as natural as possible. What does this mean? In short, the aim is to get scars that are as invisible as possible and breasts and buttocks with implants that look completely natural.

The development of modern plastic surgery and the manufacturers of implants have now made it possible to achieve spectacular results that look and feel completely natural. Aside from implants that are getting closer and closer to emulating the tissues of the body, there are other procedures developed to create an augmentation even without using implants. These procedures use fat transfer to create volumes where there are none. The augmentations performed with fat grafting achieve results that are 100% natural as the filling substance comes from the patient’s body, i.e. their own fat tissue. 

When butt or breast augmentation is performed with fat, the plastic surgeon will start with liposuction on areas of the body with an excess of fat. These areas are called donor areas, and they are usually the flanks, tummy, and the thighs. The fat is processed in a centrifugation process and then reinjected into the buttocks or breasts to give them more volume. 

When the procedure is performed on the buttocks, it can also be known under the name of the Brazilian butt lift, a procedure very popular and in demand nowadays. While there is a certain appeal and considerable benefits of using just the patient’s own fat tissue to enhance certain areas of the body, the results achieved with fat transfer in one session are not comparable to when implants are used. For patients who want to achieve a more considerable augmentation that is easy to sustain over time but also results that look completely natural, the plastic surgeon might recommend a combination of implants and fat transfer. In this way, we can better control the augmentation and can even use bigger implants that would otherwise be impossible as the implants will have better coverage after fat is also injected. 

To make sure you achieve results that are completely natural and can make you proud, make sure to choose a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations to the letter. The volume of the implant must be suitable for your body type so as not to create a disproportion that might look unnatural.

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