How to avoid disappointing results after breast reduction

How to avoid disappointing results after breast reduction

17th Jan 2019

How To Avoid Disappointing Results After Breast Reduction


While breast augmentation surgery is one of the two most commonly performed procedures in the United States, breast reduction surgery is also quite popular. Breast reduction surgery is aimed to help patients with overly large breasts to reduce the size of the breasts to be more harmonious with the rest of the body. Aside from the aesthetic issues associated with overly large breasts, there are also physical and emotional discomforts that can lead the patient to seek help in correcting this issue as soon as possible. When talking about breasts with an impressive volume, we are also talking about a lot of pressure applied on the spine by the breasts. Hence back, neck and shoulder pain can be considerable and constant.

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that delivers impressive results and eliminates the discomforts associated with heavy breasts. The recommendation is always to have the procedure performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon in a hospital or another accredited medical facility. Breast reduction surgery is quite a complex procedure; significant incisions are required to eliminate the excess mammary gland, and sometimes the plastic surgeon has to eliminate 0.5 kg of tissue or even more. When there is a need to eliminate a lot of tissue, there is a risk for asymmetries to occur after the procedure. So, how can you avoid getting disappointing results after breast reduction surgery?

The first step in getting smaller breasts is to see the plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. During this meeting, the plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination and also discuss with you the reasons why you want to undergo the procedure and what you hope to achieve with it. The pre-operative consultation is a good time to explain in detail and with clear words how small you want your breasts to be after the procedure. Overly large breasts tend to sag quite soon in the patient’s life, so correcting the shape of the breasts is also a concern of the breast reduction procedure.

Also, make sure to discuss all the details about the scars that will be left over after the procedure. The scars are permanent after breast reduction surgery and positioned in different areas of the breasts, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. It is important to understand that scar visibility is not dependent entirely on the skills and experience of the plastic surgeon but also on the patient’s tendency to good or abnormal scarring.

To avoid disappointing results after breast reduction surgery, talk openly and honestly with the plastic surgeon and tell him all the important details about your medical history. Details about current medication or potential allergies are also important to help the plastic surgeon form an idea about the patient’s overall health condition.


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