How to avoid implant visibility and palpability

How to avoid implant visibility and palpability

03rd Dec 2016


Adult women, whatever their age, can benefit from mammary augmentation. This procedure enlarges the volume of the breasts and/or restores their consistency. It is recommended that before the breast augmentation procedure, the breast is fully developed. Patients need to be informed that, generally speaking, the breast enhancement procedure does not affect the ability to breastfeed.

The breast augmentation procedure is performed with the help of mammary implants. These give more volume or projection to the breasts and help to achieve breast symmetry. This plastic surgery procedure is used for:

– Breast augmentation

– Restoring the volume and the consistency of the breasts after pregnancy or weight loss

– Correcting breast asymmetries both in terms of shape and size

– Correcting breast sagging mild cases of mammary ptosis. In severe cases, the breast augmentation procedure will be performed after a breast mastopexy (breast lifting) procedure.

The Success of the Breast Augmentation Procedure

The success of the breast augmentation surgery depends on a combination of factors. The pre-operative consult and discussion with the plastic surgeon is an important step to ensure a satisfactory result. The same is true for the surgical method used, and the following of the doctor’s orders after the surgery is performed.

A woman motivated by her own will to have bigger breasts will be most often satisfied with the procedure. It is important to know that the best candidates for the procedure are healthy patients with no conditions to influence the healing process. Patients should be non-smokers or be willing to quit both before and after the surgery.

The success of the procedure, the safety and the results of the enhancement surgery require a few things:

– First, the patient should discuss openly with the plastic surgeon her needs and desires. In some cases, the plastic surgeon might emphasize realistic expectations and what the results will be like in a specific case. Implant visibility can be avoided by following your doctor’s recommendations and not insisting on a bigger size implant than is suggested.

– During the consultation, any medical history, drug, vitamins, natural supplements, and alcohol consumption also need to be discussed with the doctor.

– It is also important to let your plastic surgeon know if there is any family history of breast cnacer.

– The patient needs to be prepared to follow the plastic surgeon’s suggestions.

The Surgical Breast Augmentation Procedure

As mentioned, the breast augmentation is performed by using breast implants with a smooth or textured surface, filled either with silicone gel or saline solution. The placement of the implants, as well as the type and the volume of the implants, will be determined together with the plastic surgeon and considering the type of breasts, the shape of the body, the patient’s desire, and the experience of the plastic surgeon.

With the sub-glandular placement of the implant (under the mammary gland) comes a higher risk that the margins of the implants to be visible. The incidence of the capsular contracture is also increased. In the case of the sub-muscular placement (under the pectoral muscle), the margins of the breast implants are much better hidden, as they are covered by more breast tissue. The placement of the breast implants is dictated by the volume of breast tissue the patient has, the size of the implants chosen, as well as other elements. The recovery period for the sub-muscular implant placement is longer than in the case of the sub-glandular placement, and the recovery period might be more painful.

How To Avoid Breast Implant Visibility and Palpability

For the petite patients who don’t have a lot of breast tissue, it is important to understand that getting big size implants exponentially increases the risk of implant visibility as there will not be enough tissue to properly cover the implant.

The size of the implant is an important element that can determine the implant visibility. On television, we have all seen plastic surgery patients who exhibited their breast implants which were visible with the naked eye. The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to create natural looking breasts with the help of breast implants. When the implant can be seen and felt, then the surgery was not successful. The round implants tend to be more visible than the anatomically shaped implants, but again, it all depends on the size and the placement of the breast implants.

Following your doctor’s recommendation when it comes to the size, the type, and the position of the implants can make all the difference between a hard to notice implant and a highly visible one.


Breast implants do not influence the health condition of the breasts. The visibility and palpability of the implants are only a question of aesthetic appearance and are not a medical issue. It is essential to know that the breast implants create modifications at the breast levels that are more or less visible, but considerably change the aspect of the breasts and the consistency of the tissues. The visibility of the implants can also be determined by a specific complication of the breast augmentation surgery, the capsular contracture. The capsular contracture is a side effect that determines the deformation of the breasts due to the fiber capsule formed around the implant. Most cases of capsular contracture are treated with surgery, but you should know that the correction is not always permanent.

Implant visibility and palpability is a sign that you need to go see your doctor now. Even if some celebrities seem to find it satisfying that their implants are practically bursting out of their cleavage, this is not considered a successful result after breast augmentation surgery.


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