How to avoid regrets after breast augmentation surgery

How to avoid regrets after breast augmentation surgery

28th Mar 2020

How to avoid regrets after breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is performed yearly on millions of women worldwide. The success rate that we achieve nowadays is very high, especially when a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon performs the procedure.

However, in mass media and even in our circle of acquaintances, we hear about women who have regrets after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Today, we are going to discuss how to avoid regrets after breast augmentation.

There is no question about the fact that breast augmentation is a major and very delicate procedure. It should only be performed on patients with a strong medical indication for the surgery and also valid reasons to resort to it. Generally speaking, there are a few categories of women who might end up regretting the procedure, such as:

–    Patients who had the procedure at a bad time in their lives

Like many plastic surgeries, there are good times and bad times to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. If you want to avoid regrets, the recommendation is not to schedule the procedure if you are not close to your ideal weight. Also, it is important for your weight to have been constant for at least half a year to a year before undergoing the procedure. Also, having the procedure performed and then getting pregnant again can lead to disappointment and regrets as the beautiful results can be ruined by an ulterior pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

Aside from these cases, there are other situations when patients can undergo the procedure and then regret their decision. Mostly this is when they are resorting to plastic surgery to compensate for an unpleasant event that happened in their lives such as when a loved one breaks up with them.

–    Patients who had the procedure done to please others

Often, patients who get breast implants to please other people end up regretting their choice. Patients need to understand that the decision to have plastic surgery is something very personal. It is the patient and the patient alone that will enjoy the benefits in the long run but also deal with potential complications that could occur. Before altering your physical appearance for good, it is important to know you are doing this for your benefit and you alone.

–    Patients who didn’t follow the recommendations of the surgeon 

If you want to avoid regrets after surgery, it is crucial to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon has a very important role to ensure the patient gets the desired results after the surgery and also helps the patient avoid unwanted complications. Not smoking, not sleeping on the tummy, and wearing the special post-op bra is among the most important instructions that your plastic surgeon will insist on during your recovery.

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