How to be sure i’ve chosen the right volume for butt implants

How to be sure i’ve chosen the right volume for butt implants

31st Jan 2020


The appearance of the buttocks is important for both men and women nowadays. A butt that is proportionate to the rest of the anatomy is considered sexy and appealing. This is the reason why people with small, saggy or asymmetric buttocks choose to undergo butt augmentation with implants to correct or improve the appearance of their behind.

Gluteal implants are inserted into the upper part of the buttocks through small incisions made in the intragluteal fold. The plastic surgeon creates pockets for the implants inside or under the gluteal muscles. After the implants are inserted, the incisions are sutured, and the procedure is complete. The hospitalization period is short, and the patient can return home within hours. The recovery period takes about two to three weeks, depending from case to case. However, it will take a bit more time to know if you have chosen the right volume for implants as the final results can take up to six or nine months to transpire.

When it comes to using implants to augment features of the body, there is always the concern about choosing the right volume. If the implant is too small, the results might be barely visible so the patient can be dissatisfied with them. If the implants are too big, they can trigger complications, not to mention an unsightly appearance of the buttocks.

The one who will help you choose the right type of implant for your butt augmentation procedure is the plastic surgeon. During the pre-operative consultation, he will perform exact measurements and also assess the condition of the tissues of the buttocks. Moreover, he will ask about what you want to achieve to get an idea about what your aesthetic goals are. Only after the measurements and discussing your aesthetic expectations can the plastic surgeon recommend the suitable type of implants to be used. 

What usually happens is that the plastic surgeon will suggest a minimum and a maximum and then explain different results that can be achieved when using the volumes suggested. Ultimately, it is the patient who will decide exactly the volume of the implants to be chosen, but from the ones recommended by the plastic surgeon. If you want to be sure you have chosen the right volume for implants, all you have to do is follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Also, make sure to choose a talented, experienced plastic surgeon to play out your procedure.

The butt will be augmented as soon as the implants are inserted. However, these are not the final results. Keep this in mind if you feel like evaluating the results before the six month mark. The implants need time to adjust in their pockets, and the appearance of the butt will change when the swelling and bruising is over. 

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