How to care for the body after brazilian butt lift

How to care for the body after brazilian butt lift

21st Sep 2018

A Brazilian butt lift surgery involves the transfer of fat from one area of your body to your buttocks. With this kind of surgery, you don’t only take care of your buttocks during recovery, but you also care of other parts of your body where fat is removed. This is a less invasive surgery as compared to butt augmentation through implants. Although there is no large incision seen, there is still damage in the body because of the procedure.

Your surgeon will instruct you of the things you should and shouldn’t do after a Brazilian butt lift procedure. It is important that you follow their instructions so you can expect a quicker recovery from the procedure. Each surgeon may have their own set of instructions, and you should believe and follow them. After all, you trusted them to perform the surgery on you.

In order to recover properly from the surgery, you should make sure to provide proper care to your body after the Brazilian butt lift surgery. One thing you should avoid is to put pressure on your butt. This is the reason why you shouldn’t sit or even lie down on your back.

If you don’t avoid putting too much pressure on your buttocks, then you can expect the fat cells that are newly transferred won’t survive. Although fat cells seem difficult to remove, fat cells that are newly transferred are fragile. This is because they haven’t established a connection with the body’s circulation yet. It takes time for them to establish this connection and once they do, they will act like any other fat cell in other areas of the body.

Workouts involving squats and stretching should be first avoided after the Brazilian butt lift procedure because it also puts stress on the buttocks. If you want to exercise, you first need to wait for at least a month before you start with light workouts. You shouldn’t perform high-intensity workouts right away, but you should do it gradually.

Some surgeons can also instruct you to wear compression garments to help out with the recovery. These are worn to help prevent swelling of the tissues. There may be pressure that is given by the compression garments, but this is not enough to cut off circulation.

Aside from avoiding pressure on the buttocks, also make sure to provide your body with enough nutrients. You should eat enough nutritious food and drink enough water as well. Rest is also very important during the recovery. It is the time when the cells regenerate and heal the body.

Surgeons will also prescribe medications to their patients, and these should be taken in as scheduled. The prescribed medication may include antibiotics that help fight the infection. It can also include pain medications to help you be more comfortable while recovering. The body recovers well when you are not too stressed because of the pain you feel. You should make sure that you drink all the prescribed medications because they affect your healing positively.

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