How to choose a special post-op bra after breast augmentation

How to choose a special post-op bra after breast augmentation

10th Sep 2019


The journey towards getting spectacular, larger breasts is not over when the breast augmentation procedure is complete. After the surgery, the patient will go through a recovery period that often lasts for about two weeks and then a few more months before the final results are visible. Of course, when the procedure is performed with implants, the volume of the breasts is increased during the procedure, so it will be visible immediately after; however, the immediate results will also be affected by the side effects that naturally occur such as swelling and bruising. Also, the breast implant might look like very high on the chest wall immediately after the surgery. This is normal as it takes time for the implants to drop and settle in their pockets created inside the breasts. 

Special care and following certain post-operative instructions are mandatory for patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery with implants. Patients have to avoid smoking and sleeping on the tummy for a minimum of three weeks after breast augmentation, and there are also requirements that need to be fulfilled such as wearing a special post-op bra.

Some patients don’t understand why is there a need to wear a bra at all after breast augmentation surgery as before they have used the bra only to add some volume or mask imperfections of the breasts. Unfortunately, the reality is different. The special post-op bra or a good quality sports bra is mandatory to be worn after a breast augmentation procedure as this is a difficult time when the breasts need support and compression. Wearing the post-operative bra will help reduce swelling and ensure you get the best results possible in time. Not wearing the special post-op or sports bra can trigger unwanted complications that can even include bad scarring. If the breasts don’t get enough support and compression, their weight can pull on the incisions, causing them to become wider than necessary. 

When choosing the post-operative bra, patients need to pay attention to certain factors. First, the bra must fit just right, it needs to be made out of breathable material, and it needs to have good compression. The post-op bra must be comfortable to wear but also prevent the breasts from moving along with the movements of the upper body or the arms. The post-operative bra shouldn’t give you skin burns or cause perspiration as these can damage the skin on the breasts. Moreover, keep in mind that this bra needs to be worn non-stop for a minimum of three weeks and for a few more weeks and even months after this period. Choosing quality and a good fit is essential for your comfort and well-being. 


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