How to choose the best plastic surgeon for mastopexy

How to choose the best plastic surgeon for mastopexy

14th May 2021


Mastopexy is a major plastic surgery procedure. The goal of this procedure is to treat saggy breasts, making them firmer, youthful, and aesthetically appealing. Also called breast lift, this procedure enhances the breasts by removing the surplus skin from the breasts, tightening the separated breast muscles, repositioning loose nipples, and reducing the areolas. 

The success of mastopexy is in the hands of the plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon can deliver impressive results, whereas an inexperienced or unqualified practitioner can compromise your aesthetic features and health.

The plastic surgeon that you select for mastopexy will be a choice that will live with you for many decades and even a lifetime. If the surgery is successful, you will get a positive body image and feel confident. Therefore, it is essential to choose a trusted plastic surgeon. Many women ask as to how they can select the best plastic surgeon for mastopexy. Below, I will explain the things you can do to select the best plastic surgeon. 

Do your preparation by reading up on reviews of plastic surgeons that specialize in mastopexy

Before deciding to choose a plastic surgeon for mastopexy, you should prepare yourself for the selection and do your research. The best way to do this is by reading up reviews on the Internet and visiting websites of different plastic surgeons who specialize in mastopexy. There is no doubt that knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you get about plastic surgeons and mastopexy, the more likely you are to have a safe surgery and achieve your desired results. 

Be sure to read reviews on independent, third party sites. Also, look for the qualifications, experience, and credentials of plastic surgeons on their websites. Furthermore, you can use social media to find reliable and trusted plastic surgeons. There are many groups on Facebook and Instagram where patients share their experiences with different plastic surgeons. You can get help from those groups to find the best plastic surgeon for mastopexy. 

Make sure the plastic surgeon is board-certified

Most patients think that state medical boards are sufficient to find the best plastic surgeon for mastopexy. However, the reality is that the government does not make it binding for doctors to be qualified in the procedures that they offer. This is one of the significant problems in plastic surgery, because any doctor with some medical training can pose as a plastic surgeon to rip you off your hard-earned money. 

You need a reliable source to find out whether the doctor you are deeming to choose is qualified, trained, and experienced in mastopexy. You can find the best and qualified plastic surgeon for the procedure by visiting the website of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. One of the main things that make some surgeons unique is board certification. Board certification is proof that the plastic surgeon is highly qualified and trained in different plastic surgery procedures. Board-certified plastic surgeons also undergo continued education and training in plastic surgery and have a vast profile and experience in the field. Moreover, plastic surgeons are rigorously vetted before certifying them. When choosing a plastic surgeon for mastopexy, be sure the American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies him or her.

Confirm the plastic surgeon’s experience in mastopexy

Each plastic surgery procedure requires different skill sets and expertise. Performing a nose job is not the same as performing a mastopexy. It is crucial to confirm that the plastic surgeon you are considering is experienced in mastopexy. The best plastic surgeon will have many years of experience in mastopexy.

During the initial consultation, you can ask the plastic surgeon as to how he got trained in surgery and how many years of experience he has in mastopexy. Also, ask him as to how many patients he has treated for mastopexy and ask for before and after photos of the patients that he has treated lately. 

Assess the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics and artistry

While the surgeon’s expertise, experience and training are necessary, his sense of aesthetics of the female body and the artistry to sculpt the breasts is equally essential. When choosing a plastic surgeon, keep in mind that what one individual finds attractive may not be beautiful to another person. The best plastic surgeon will understand this and have a greater sense of aesthetics of the female body. He will also have the skills to carve the breasts into the desired shape. 

To get an idea about the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics and artistry, be sure to ask him to show you before and after pictures of patients he has treated in the past. Compare the results of one surgeon with that of another and select the surgeon that you think has delivered impressive results. Also, look attentively at the pictures to spot patients who have similar breasts and anatomy as yours.

For example, you should look for patients who have a torso and breast shape and size as similar as possible to yours. If you have narrow shoulders and bigger breasts, you should see as to what results the surgeon has provided to similar patients. Furthermore, check the consistency in the results that different patients have achieved. If the results look like what you desire to get, you can get good and satisfactory results by choosing that surgeon. 

Pay attention to how the surgeon and staff make you feel

Mastopexy is a big surgery, and it is vital that you choose a plastic surgeon with whom you can feel comfortable with. It is not a one-off meeting with the surgeon, and you will be meeting him or her many times after the surgery. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a plastic surgeon who you feel 100 percent comfortable with. Moreover, the staff should be professional and treat you with respect and understand your concerns. The best plastic surgeon and staff are someone you can trust. 

After the initial consultation, ask yourself as to whether you liked the time spent during the meeting and if the surgeon is trustable. Is it safe for you to have the surgery performed by him and not another surgeon? Do you feel comfortable asking questions from the surgeon and is he addressing your concerns? Are you comfortable sharing your medical history with him?

Do your research about the surgical facility

Mastopexy is an invasive procedure and is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will place incisions on the breasts and remove the excess skin. He will also tamper with, repair and tighten your breast muscles. The nipples and areolas may also be enhanced. What this means is that like all invasive procedures, mastopexy entails risks and side effects.

Your safety depends mostly on where the surgery is performed. It is safe only to have the surgery performed in an accredited surgical facility. Accredited facilities are equipped with all the equipment, support, and facilities to cope with emergencies to perform the surgery safely. Make sure that the facility has accreditation from AAAASF, AAAHC or JCAHO.

Customer service 

When patients decide to get mastopexy, they want to be sure they are treated with respect and care by the staff. The level of customer service will become evident when you walk into the surgeon’s office and surgical facility and meet with the staff. You should ask yourself as to whether the staff was courteous, helpful, professional, and friendly. Did they provide you with complete information about the surgery, the risks, and how to prepare for the operation? Did they treat you with respect and communicated all the fees upfront? Did you get a quick reply when you contacted them?

Ask questions

The consultation is like a job interview for the surgeon. You should go prepared with questions and have at least some understanding of the procedure you want to undergo. The plastic surgeon’s response to your questions and how he makes you understand things would give you a good idea of his experience, professionalism, and expertise. Furthermore, it will help you steer clear of bad surgeons. The best surgeon will listen carefully to your questions and concerns and answer accordingly. He will also asses your health and discuss the risks with you. 


Mastopexy is one of the commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US. It involves tightening of saggy breasts by removing the excess skin and repairing separated breast muscles. Mastopexy is a significant procedure, which is why it is crucial for the patient to select a plastic surgeon with extreme care. In this article, I have discussed the most important things you must do to choose your plastic surgeon for mastopexy. 

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