How to choose the perfect surgeon for brazilian butt lift

How to choose the perfect surgeon for brazilian butt lift

02nd May 2018


The Brazilian butt lift is a major plastic surgery procedure. It entails a number of risks, side effects, and potential complications. To stay safe and achieve better results with the Brazilian butt lift, be sure to select your surgeon very carefully. Your doctor should not only have the scientific knowledge and technical skills to perform the procedure, but also the sense of aesthetics and artistry to deliver good aesthetic outcomes.

Patients who choose their surgeons carefully achieve safe and effective outcomes with the Brazilian butt lift. The surgery will also make a great difference in their self-esteem and help them succeed in life. On the other hand, if you fail to choose a reliable and experienced surgeon, you may regret your decision after the surgery. Not only will the results be poor, but you will also face health risks and complications.


Tips to select a reliable plastic surgeon for Brazilian butt lift

Select a board-certified plastic surgeon

To achieve better and safer outcomes with the Brazilian butt lift, you need a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To check whether your surgeon is board-certified, run a search with his/her name on the website of ABPS, ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), or ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties).

Legally, any licensed doctor can perform plastic surgery – a general physician could undertake the Brazilian butt lift. When you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, you are sure s/he comes with 3-5 years of training in surgery and 2-3 years of specialized, intensive training in plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons also undertake continuous training, education, and written and verbal tests. What do all these mean for you? It means you will achieve effective, safer, and reliable aesthetic outcomes with the Brazilian butt lift.


Look at the doctor’s past records

Many doctors have malpractice judgments against them. In order to stay safe during and after the Brazilian butt lift and achieve better results, you should choose a surgeon whose past record is clear and positive. Beware of doctors who have had a bad history and poor patient safety and satisfaction record. You can get past information on your plastic surgeon on the website of the American Board of Medical Specialties or your state’s medical board. Many state medical boards also list the disciplinary actions taken against doctors found guilty of malpractices.


Cross-check the surgeon’s hospital privileges

No matter if you are planning to have your Brazilian butt lift performed at an outpatient facility, you should cross check whether your surgeon has hospital privileges. Most hospitals and surgical facilities run background checks on doctors that practice there. If your doctor doesn’t have hospital privileges, consider it a red flag.


Ask questions

How your doctor responds to your questions will give you a pretty good idea of his/her skills, knowledge, experience, and artistry in performing the Brazilian butt lift. You should go to the initial consultation armed with a lot of relevant questions. To ask good questions, you need to do your homework, and reliable sources on the Internet can help you do that.

You should have the basic knowledge of how a Brazilian butt lift is performed. One of the crucial questions you may ask your surgeon is: “How do you perform the Brazilian butt lift?” or “What are the steps of Brazilian butt lift?” Your surgeon should be able to explain the procedure in a simple language and communicate the risks and potential complications to you.


Look at the experience of the plastic surgeon

If your plastic surgeon is highly experienced, chances are you may achieve better and safer outcomes with the Brazilian butt lift. You should ask your surgeon how many years of experience s/he has in plastic surgery and how many cases of Brazilian butt lift s/he has performed so far. Normally, if your plastic surgeon has more than ten years of experience and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, it is safe to have the surgery performed by him/her.

Make sure to crosscheck the experience claimed by the surgeon. You can run a search on his/her experienced on the Internet, read reviews left by patients, and know what techniques and technologies s/he uses. You should also ask your surgeon to explain what techniques s/he uses to perform the Brazilian butt lift and how s/he determines the candidacy of patients for the procedure.

Facility accreditation

It is important to make sure that your surgery is performed in an accredited facility. There are many unlicensed practitioners who perform the procedure in hotel rooms or poorly equipped and unaccredited facilities. An accredited surgical facility is fully equipped to handle any type of uncertain circumstances that may arise during or after the surgery.

Normally, it is safe to have your procedure performed in an accredited hospital, surgical clinic, ambulatory surgical unit, or a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office. Brazilian butt lift is a major operation, so it is important to verify the accreditation of the surgical facility where your procedure is planned. You should also go and meet with the staff at the facility prior to the surgery day to be sure everything is okay.



Brazilian butt lift is a major surgery, so you should be sure to choose the perfect plastic surgeon to undertake the procedure. But how do you know whether a plastic surgeon is reliable? You should be sure the surgeon is board-certified, has a clean record, and has hospital privileges. Additionally, it is safe to go to a plastic surgeon who is highly experienced, is able to answer your questions comfortably, and performs surgeries in an accredited facility.

You may also ask your contacts for trustworthy recommendations. During the initial consultation, make sure your doctor understands your problems and the feelings you are experiencing as a result. A good doctor is amiable and is easy to establish a good rapport with.



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