How to choose your butt implant size

How to choose your butt implant size

03rd Sep 2018

When it comes to buttock augmentation, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is to choose the right implant size. Many patients ask what the ideal butt implant size is. There are also patients who insist on getting the biggest implant. Remember, there are different sizes of butt implants, and it is very important to choose a size that will be suitable for your body composition.

Your plastic surgeon will help you choose an implant size that is best for you. Of course, the surgeon will take your aesthetic goals, flaws, and body anatomy into consideration before recommending the ideal implant size for you. Ideally, the implant size should not be too large or too small for your body and buttock dimensions. It should complement your buttocks and overall body profile. Only then will your buttocks appear natural and beautiful.

How to choose your butt implant size

While the butt implant size best for you depends on your body aesthetics, the size of your buttocks, anatomy, and physique, there are certain implant sizes that are more commonly used. The 550cc is one of the commonly used sizes. It is very popular among many plastic surgeons.

Of course, the butt implants can be customized to your needs and requirements. The size that will suit you also depends on where the implants are to be placed within the buttocks. For example, if the implant is to be placed within or below the gluteal muscle, its size will be smaller than if it was to be placed above the gluteal muscle.

If you have stretch marks on your buttocks, it is an indication that your skin may not have enough elasticity. If they are already saggy, that’s yet another sign that large butt implants are not suitable for you. Sagginess in the buttocks can occur as a result of aging, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, gravity, genetics, and lifestyle. The plastic surgeon will take these factors into consideration before recommending you an ideal butt implant size.

Your aesthetic goals and expectations are also important and would be taken into account. However, they should be realistic and reasonable. If your goal is to achieve moderately bigger buttocks, your surgeon may be fine with it; however, if your goal is to attain very large buttocks, it would need the use of huge implants. Your plastic surgeon will have to make more assessments and examinations of your body and buttocks to be sure that the large implants will be accommodated and there’s no risk of butt sagging any time soon.

If you have petite body, very large implants will not be suitable for you because your buttocks will appear totally unnatural and abnormal. Furthermore, if you are thin, very large implants will make your buttocks appear unnatural. In these cases, your doctor will recommend you medium or smaller butt implants.

Your age will also play a role in determining the butt implant size right for you. If you are aged above 50 years, chances are your buttocks have become saggy or your skin has lost its elasticity. In such cases, large buttock implants will not be recommended for you because it will worsen the sagginess in your buttocks over time. Instead, you’ll be fine with medium or small implants.

What size is too big for your body?

Selecting a butt implant size can be an uphill task for many patients. There are many choices and making a choice can be quite overwhelming at times. It is important to make sure that the butt implant is not too large because it will make your buttocks appear unnatural. Your buttocks will not look like an extension of your body. Instead, they will appear as a separate object. This is aesthetically unwelcoming.

Therefore, be sure to choose a butt implant size that perfectly fits your butt and body size. Large implants are also heavy, which means your buttocks will become saggy over time. They also entail a number of risks.

Normally, the butt implant sizes ranges from 200 to 600cc. Also, they come in oval and round shapes. The advantage of such a broad range of options is that they let your plastic surgeon choose a size that best meets your goals and resolves the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks.

It is also important to note that there is no universal size in butt implants that can fit anybody. Normally, there are two major groups of patients that come for buttock augmentation: those who are very thin and those who aim to achieve larger booties. Generally, the 275cc implants are used for patients who are very thin or petite and lack excess body fat to qualify for the fat transfer surgery.

The average implant size used by many plastic surgeons is between 400 and 565cc. Again, it comes down to your body profile, aesthetic goals, and buttock dimensions. You should ask your surgeon to show you before and after pictures of patients who have been treated with butt augmentation procedures. Be sure to look at pictures of women with buttocks similar in size and contour to yours.

If you have excess fat in your body and your primary goal is to make your buttocks appear shapelier, voluptuous, and curvaceous, you should go for the autologous fat transfer procedure instead of butt implants. The surgery uses your own body fat to enhance your rear end. The results of fat transfer are natural and the risks are relatively lower.


The use of buttock implants to add projection to your backside and make your buttocks prominent is a trendy practice in the US. The procedure involves the use of prosthetic devices called butt implants. The implants are made of solid, flexible silicone material.

In order to achieve a better outcome with the surgery, you must choose ideally sized butt implants. Too large or too small implants that do not suit your body type, composition, and profile will look unnatural. The butt implant size should complement your overall body outline and buttock dimensions. Only then will your buttocks appear natural and aesthetically appealing.

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